“I wasn’t the only one who had difficulties when coming here, our graduate fellows and all the other students made an extremely brave step by having come here, the first out of many steps towards independence and maturity. Even though most of our parents and guardians are far away it goes without saying that they are very proud of all of us.”

Vasilisa Dalovic

International boarding student from Montenegro

“I came to Saint Michael’s two years ago thereby having made perhaps the largest step in my life. Two years might seem a short period of time, but those two years were incredibly crucial and valuable in shaping my future. At that time, I would not have imagined that on this day I would stand here in the positions of Former Head Boy. This is a culmination of my journey at SMC which has been gradually built up by hard work, commitment and responsibility.”

Mirko Dukic
International boarding student from Montenegro

international student miguel“If I had to choose my favourite thing about our boarding school in the UK, Saint Michael’s, apart from the almost one-to-one lessons, or being able to study and live in a place with so much history behind it, it would have to be the way people from all over the world coexist.  It offers an experience in which one realises and appreciates the differences and similarities between people from completely different locations”

Luis Miguel
International boarding student from Spain

international student max“When I arrived at the boarding school, Saint Michael’s, I was quite worried and felt homesick.  Being on the other side of the world and away from your friends and family can be difficult.  However, I soon realised that lots of students here were in the same situation as me.So although I was homesick I never felt lonely, because as soon as I arrived I was making friends from places like Russia and Brazil.  Saint Michael’s is a safe environment where everybody is accepted and feels part of one big happy family.”

Max White
International boarding student from Panama

international student nina“What I really like about the boarding school, SMC, is the amount of support you get here.  Also, the staff are very helpful, especially as I am on my final year and I had lots of help with my UCAS application.  There were also many opportunities to actually meet up the universities and get all the information needed to choose the right one.”

Nina Boskovic
International boarding student from Montenegro

international student braga“When I first came to the boarding school, SMC, I was only planning to stay for a short time. However, it was very hard for me to leave after making such good friends and enjoying myself so much in such a short period of time.  Staying was  one of the best things I could have done that year.  This year I am finishing my A Level studies and soon entering university.  SMC has been the connection between leaving my studies in Brazil, applying my knowledge to my current subjects and having the opportunity to start a higher education in a better place.”

Larissa Braga
International boarding student from Brazil

international student china“In the boarding school, SMC, I like the people because they are friendly.  I love when they do chicken wings and I like the sports & social programme because there are always interesting things to do.  The school is located in a very beautiful place with a lot of trees and vegetation.  The thing I most enjoy in SMC is the fact that it’s a boarding school so I can spend lots of time with my friends!

Vincent Wu
International boarding student from Taiwan

international student england“Saint Michael’s College is a great place to be.  Students are friendly and do their best to help one another.  There are students from all over the world, so the diverse cultures help not only students but also teachers understand people in different parts of the world.  This knowledge not only equips students with more advanced social skills but also furthers us as people.  For a small school, Saint Michael’s is an amazing place for students to learn, meet people from all over the world and help them achieve their maximum potential.

Emmanuel McCauley
Student from 

international student in england chinaBefore I came to the boarding school, SMC, I was worried about whether I could adapt to the new environment here.  All my fears were gone shortly after I arrived.  The staff are all professional in dealing with international students from all over the world who might feel anxious when they first arrive.  Living in the school residence means you’re never lonely as you can make lots of friends by sharing culture and customs that you’ve never experienced.  Also, the residential staff are so kind and treat us like family members.  You can get help from them whenever you need.  We have well-organised excursions every weekend taking us on visits to various places around the UK.  Every single trip can be an unforgettable memory during your life here!

Winnie Wu
International boarding student from China

international student guinea“This is my third year at the boarding school, Saint Michael’s College, and honestly it is the best experience so far.  When I arrived, my English wasn’t good but after two years my English has significantly improved.  I like many things about this college; the students, most of them are my friends, are all really friendly.  I enjoy exchanging ideas with different cultures.  Also, the teachers and all members of staff are very helpful.  As soon as I need help, I know exactly who to see which is something really important.  I really enjoy the variety of excursions that we have available every weekend.  Finally, it is a wonderful place to study and a good environment.”

Fatou Diallo
International boarding student from Republic of Guinea

international student nigeria“Studying in the boarding school, SMC, has been an amazing experience for me.  All the programmes and activities starting from when you wake up until the end of school are very interesting.  The library has enough resources to enable me to study efficiently.  The food is suitable for any ethnic group.  SMC is a place with different cultures and religions, therefore we learn from each other every day.  SMC is a great place to learn.  Come and join us!”

Suleiman Shehu
International boarding student from Nigeria

international student serbia“I like the fact that all the resources  are easily accessible thanks to the library and the WIFI throughout the school.  Everything on the campus is always tidy and the teachers and staff are all very helpful.The student population is very diverse which ensures that everyone is in a comfortable and competitive environment.”

Milutin Tomic
International boarding student from 

international student egypt“It is impossible to state everything that I admire about this place in only a few words.  In fact, the things you experience at the international boarding school, Saint Michael’s College, are difficult to put down into words.  Surprisingly, although I was anxious at first, this place has turned into my home that I love as much as the one back in Egypt.  I have achieved many things that I couldn’t have achieved had I not studied here.  There is always something fun or productive to do.  I especially enjoyed going on excursions all over the UK with my friends, ending up with the most unforgettable memories of my life.”

Abdelrahman Saleh
International boarding student from Egypt


international student bulgaria“SMC is a quiet but lovely place for children to study.  I personally enjoy every second of my time here.  The teachers are brilliant as well as the other staff.”

Daniel Teofilov
International boarding student from 

international student vietnam“What I like most about the boarding school, Saint Michael’s, is the atmosphere and the people around as well. It’s majestically peaceful here and is a very suitable place to have a good time and study. I have lots of welcoming and warm-hearted friends that are willing to encourage and share, and I have learnt lots from them.  This is the most pleasant thing. For a musician like me, confidence is always the crucial thing to strive for success. I was unable to achieve it when I was back in Vietnam, but here I’ve found Max and Sulaiman, we are the same as musicians and we have learnt and shared a lot amongst ourselves. I have never wanted to be a musician more than I wanted now, thanks to encouragement I have received.  I have wrote my first ever song in Saint Michael’s, my first step to becoming a singer-songwriter and it is a moment for keeping.”
Bihn Le
International boarding student from Vietnam

international student albania“When I came to the boarding school, Saint Michael’s, I thought it would be a little bit difficult to adapt, but I was wrong.  I found a fantastic warm environment and I made a lot of friends at the same time.  Teachers are also supportive and they want to make sure we learn all the right things to prepare us for our future careers.”

Dhionis Jhoxhallari
International boarding student from Albania