school social programWe recognise that building a sense of community and family within the school is important to our pupils, especially as our environment acts as their home away from
home. We encourage pupils to mix, develop their social etiquette and also build their self-awareness.




Excursions and Events

international school social programAt our boarding school in the UK, Saint Michaels, we believe that school events and trips are vitally important in the all-round education of our pupils. We regularly take advantage of the stunning
backdrop that our local environment offers us with trips to local cities and towns, both as part of the curriculum and for recreation.
Our teachers and staff are active participants, helping to strengthen our sense of community. Having a diverse mix of students, it is also our aim to embrace their international heritage, so school trips abroad complement our local outings and provide depth to understanding of the world around us.

Charity begins at home
We are proud of the effort that the whole school puts into raising money for charity. Every year we raise thousands of pounds for various good causes. We are even more proud of the contribution that our pupils make once they have grown up. Whether through fundraising, voluntary work or individual projects, Saint Michael’s alumni continue to think of others and the wider world throughout their lives.