boarding school meals

Meals for all students are taken in the splendid panelled dining room. Residential students are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Students living with a host family will also have lunch in the dining room but will have breakfast and dinner with their family. All meals are included in the school fees.
The catering manager is keen for students to add their requests to our varied menu. Special meals, such as Chinese Night, British Week, Mexican day, Halloween Lunch, Christmas Lunch, Barbecue Night are frequently organised to celebrate special occasions.

The residential houses also have a kitchen for students to use if they wish to cook snacks for themselves and friends during the evenings and weekends. The kitchens are equipped with a kettle, microwave oven, rice cooker, toaster and fridge.

The larger  communal kitchen which is available for all students is also available in the evenings and weekends. This enables the students to extend their cookery skills by offering more equipment than in their own residence. the catering team also arrange cookery classes as a recreational activity or to prepare students for independent life at University.


Click here for a typical weekly menu