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Intermediate Mathematical Challenge

Throughout this term, students have been applying themselves to different maths challenges to extend and challenge their knowledge.  Most recent of these challenges took place on the 7th February when a small group sat the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, which is a one hour test for students from G1 and G2.  The Challenge is organised by United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) based at Leeds University and are designed to be lively, intriguing, multiple choice question papers, which stimulate interest in maths.  Later this term, G1 students will be taking part in a team maths challenge; working together to solve problems set by AMSP.


Go Team KCSM!

The Basketball and Netball teams enjoyed playing against students at Tenbury High School last week, showing excellent teamwork and sportsmanship throughout.  The netball team played a very close match with the final result 12 - 10 to Tenbury, whilst the Basketball team achieved an impressive result of 68 - 12.  Well done to all!

Visit to Bath

The students had a great time visiting the city of Bath on Saturday 9th February, where they took a tour of the ancient Roman baths as well as having some time to explore the city centre.

Making Sushi

In cooking club this week, supported by our Head Chef, the students had a go at making their own sushi with some delicious results!

Celebrating 50 Years of King's Group

On Thursday, 7th February, we celebrated 50 years of King's Group education with a presentation held in Saint Michael's church and followed by the burial of a time capsule.  The time capsule contained a number of items, including some thoughtful letters written by students which gave an insight into their hopes and concerns for the future.  The time capsule will be unearthed in 25 years time, when King's Group will celebrate their 75th year.

Fun in the Sun at Croft Castle

On Sunday (3rd February), a selection of students enjoyed visiting Croft Castle to explore the house and grounds.  Noted in the Domesday Book of 1086 and with over 1000 years of history to uncover the students enjoyed learning about this impressive family home.

Preparing for Success

This week A Level and GCSE students are busy preparing for mock examinations.  Our A1 Biologists have been putting into practice their learning from whole school revision training by using mind maps, revision clocks, colour coding to organise their revision notes, and Bloom's taxonomy "Thinking Dice" to generate self-test questions.  Preparation is key to success!

Sharing 50 Years of King's Group

In celebration of our 50 year anniversary, the prefect team worked together to create a wonderful 'KCSM Life' display of what King's College Saint Michaels means to them.  The display was housed in the traditional red telephone box located in the local community, used often to exhibit matters of interest.

Prefects Dinner

Our Prefects dinner last night was enjoyed by all. A big thank you to the Prefects for all their hard work so far this academic year.  Students are now looking ahead to the Prefect application process for 2019.  #excitingplans #starpupils #internationaleducation

Football - KCSM vs Bedstone College

The football team played another excellent match on Wednesday 23rd January against local school Bedstone.  The team played exceptionally well and all players had a great attitude, demonstrating the sportsmanship we are so proud of at KCSM.  The final result was an impressive 6-2.  Well done team!
The team are looking forward to playing Lucton School again on Sunday and hope to improve on their last win of 2-1.  We will then look forward to playing in the quarter finals of the Heads of Society Tournament which will take place on the 13th February against Oswestry.

Inter-House Dodgeball

The inter-house Dodgeball competition last weekend was alot of fun for the students - dynamic moves, quick thinking, teamwork and precision were the skills of the day!

Hockey Practice

A very British sport!  Students enjoyed practising their hockey skills this week, with lots of improvement already seen from last week's first session #jollyhockeysticks #newskills #teamwork

Practical Science

Pre A Level Chemistry students were learning today about reactivity series using displacement reactions. In the test tube was Copper sulfate reacting with iron nails. You can see the copper being displaced and collecting at the bottom of the test tube.  Meanwhile, A2 Physics students explored the different emission spectra of light from Cadmium, Mercury and Sodium Lights and one to compare of the whole spectrum from the sun.  This learning is linked to their Astrophysics Module.  #practicalskills #enquiringminds

Basketball win - KCSM vs Ludlow College

The basketball team achieved an excellent result of 51 - 40 in their first match of the term against Ludlow College - well done team!

Building Blocks to Success

We are very pleased with the results achieved by students who re-sat their AS exams in November.  Their grades are much improved on their June grade performance, increasing their opportunities to achieve what they require to attend the universities of their choice this coming September.  In support of this, all second year A-Level and University Foundation students have completed their UCAS applications in plenty of time and well before the deadline for university applications. We are already seeing some excellent offers coming in and our students and teachers are now working hard to ensure that they get to their first choices. 



IELTS Success

Congratulations to Swan, Jamie and Jurgen for passing their IELTS examination ahead of time. Both Swan and Jamie achieved an overall score of 6.5, whilst Jurgen achieved an overall score of 7.0. This means that they can now fully concentrate on completing their A Levels knowing that they have achieved the necessary requirement for UK University entry. Well done! The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for non-native English language speakers and is widely recognised by higher education institutions.


Short-Stay Immersion in Full Force!

Our Peruvian group have been working hard in their classes and enjoying some well earned fun in Oxford this weekend.  The students, along with our full-time academics, visited Christ Church which was used as the dining hall set for the Harry Potter films and some retail therapy.

Soil Searching

G1 Environmental Science students investigated different soil samples to classify each type of soil and describe the different components of each sample.  Soil covers approximately a third of the whole Earth’s surface, with a thickness that ranges from tens of metres to a minimum of few centimetres, according to the intensity and duration of the rock changing processes.  There are many factors responsible for soil formation and the components of soil is different in each area of the world, depending on climate, rocks and vegetation.



Welcome to our Peruvian friends!

We are delighted to welcome our new friends from Peru, who join us on our Short-Term Immersion Programme this term - welcome to the KCSM community!

Preparation for University

A-Level students worked together yesterday to practice interview skills in preparation for their university applications.  Supported with lot's of role play and a range of thought provoking questions, the students were able to consider how best to present themselves for interview by their chosen higher-level institutions.

ICT & STEM Enrichment

Today our teaching team received training on a new 3D printer which will soon be rolled out to enrich educational experiences in ICT and STEM classes.  We look forward to seeing some creative designs next term!

A Christmas Carol (or two!)

Our festive celebration assembly allowed us to think about some English Christmas traditions whilst also sharing some more international ways of celebrating over the festive season. We enjoyed some lovely music and readings as well as some congregational singing. It gave us all a chance to really enjoy and be thankful for our international school community. 

COBIS Maths Challenge

The COBIS Mangahigh Maths Challenge is a free, online competition for 5-16 year olds designed to engage students with maths through a games-based learning approach. Using Mangahigh, students complete maths activities, which teachers may personalise to support students’ learning, to score individual points, which in turn contributes to their schools' tally. Students can access their activities at home or in school so it can be used for homework, revision, or a fun task!

We had a very exciting 2018 competition, which ran from Monday, 19 November - Friday, 30 November 2018. Eighteen students earned a magnificent tally of seventeen gold, eight silver and twenty-eight bronze medals. In total, 89 COBIS schools participated in the 2018 competition and 18,871 students were active during the Challenge. An impressive 748,709 points were earned by students!


A trip to Birmingham for the German Xmas Market

The students enjoyed a very festive trip to the second city, Birmingham, last weekend, where they enjoyed visiting the German Christmas Market.  The spread of seasonal stalls - a centrepiece of the city's festive calendar and a sure sign that Christmas isn't far away - now attracts more than 5.5 million visitors a year and boosts the local economy by £400 million.  Birmingham offers the largest outdoor Christmas market in the UK, and the biggest German market outside Germany and Austria.

Let the Festive Fun Begin!

Our week of festive fun begins with a wonderful Christmas lunch...#letsgetfestive #endofterm #greatfood

Senior Maths Challenge

Earlier this month,  A2 maths students and a few A1 students took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge.   Four of the students gained Bronze awards and one gained Silver.  Swan  achieved a Gold award and is through to the next round which is the British Mathematical Olympiad.  This is an excellent result for our A2 group and good practice and experience for our A1 students.  Certificates of achievement were awarded during assembly.  Well done mathematicians!

Case Study focus for UFP Students

Today our UFP students were studying a pre released case study which will be the basis of the end of module exam. We are using this time to make sure that all aspects of the case study are developed and explored. The rational for this is to allow them to read the case study carefully; interpret the areas being addressed through the case study and the issues arising. It gives them the opportunity to discuss with their tutor and peers the areas they feel are being addressed and the issues arising to ensure that they are familiar with the case study and that they can anticipate possible question in the exam paper.

Exploring London

The students took a trip to London last weekend, for some sight-seeing, shopping and fun!  A great time was had by all.

Basketball Winners

The basketball team played a great game at their away match this week against Ludlow College.  Both teams played excellently and good sportsmanship was shown throughout.  The final score was 44-40 to KCSM - well done team!

Hitting the Mark!

Archery was the name of the game at Top Adventure sports this week, where a group of eager students tried their hand at hitting the bullseye!

Team Building Fun

As part of our PHSE (Personal, Health & Social Education) session this week, the students took part in a range of teamwork and trust building exercises.  It was a very impressive show of what can be achieved when you work together!

Replanting Britain

The entire school came together today as part of The Woodland Trust funded event commissioned to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I.  The students all took turns to plant saplings across the college campus in a joint national effort to 'Replant Britain'.  The students learned how much of the landscape was changed by the bombing of the Great War and also took time to look to the future and discuss concerns of the impact of deforestation on the climate and animal habitats.  In support of this learning, the students had the opportunity to decorate a large as life tree with leaves from the four seasons, as well as create some beautiful animal images in a variety of mediums.  We shall enjoy watching our new trees grow.

Visit to the Royal National College for the Blind

After successfully completing a range of fund raising events, the Prefect Team visited The Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford this week to present the College Principle, Mr Mark Fisher, with the donation cheque.  During their visit, the students were introduced to Kelsey (a member of the College Council) and his guide dog, Lacy.  Kelsey gave an insight into College life and the opportunities that the College offers to visually impaired people.   Our donation was very well received by Mr Fisher who stated that the college relies on such donations from organisations so that they can continue to support their students with the facilities they need to succeed as participating members of the community.  We welcomed a tour of the campus, where we met up with the England Blind Footballer, Dan English, for  a photo. Well done to all the student who took part in this fundraising event!

Urbanisation Studies

Geography came to life as the G2 students undertook an urban land use survey and environmental quality assessment in Kidderminster - a town located approximately 45 minutes drive from the College and famous for its cloth trade.  During the 18th and 19th centuries the town developed into the centre of British carpet manufacturing.

Lessons in Leadership

The Leadership Course is aimed at 'A' Level and UFP students and the purpose of the session this week was to inform and engage students in discussion on issues associated with value-driven/ethical leadership and the qualities of effective leadership.  This was done through instruction, class discussions, written activities and video clips.  In the first session next term, students will deliver presentations on what they learned this term.


First Prefects’ Lunch

The first Prefects’ lunch of the academic year took place last week.  Present as guests were Mr. John Leighton, the recently-retired Vice-Principal of nearby Concord College and his wife Verona.  It was a good opportunity for the prefect team to get together socially with members of staff, and the food served was delicious.



First Wednesday Activities

How are the sports going so far?  We took a straw poll of some perspiring tennis players after their coaching session.  “Fun,” “nice” and “quiet and feminine” were some of the replies.  Boys have yet to sign up to this activity, but their coach –Howard- was full of praise for the girls’ enthusiasm in the…


Freshers’ Fair

Today all the students had an opportunity to choose clubs that they would like to do throughout the year. We have a few new clubs, such as: Netball, Astronomy and International club. You could see lots of people thinking and being busy with choosing what clubs they wanted to do. We had so many options…


King’s Infants Elche

We are delighted to announce that in September 2017, King’s Group will be opening the ninth school in our group. King’s College Infants Elche, will be a dedicated Infant School offering a British education to approximately 200 pupils from the age of 2 (Pre-Nursery) to 7 years old (Year 2). Click here to read our Press Release…


Leavers’ Dinner

On Friday 3rd June, Saint Michael’s students and staff put on their gladrags and arrived for a sumptuous dinner in the delightful surroundings of Wharton Park Golf Club.  As the sun sank on a fine summer’s day photos of everyone in their best were called for. Apéritifs were then drunk and canapés eaten on the…


Reward excursion to London

  We set off under grey skies but with fire in our hearts.  Excitement was evident amongst pupils for their reward excursion to the capital.  Some dressed elegantly, others casually, but buying gifts for family and friends and a chance to observe some of the sights in this oldest and most celebrated of cities were…


The World Famous Hay Literature Festival

Last weekend saw the beginning of the Hay-on-Wye festival, an internationally renowned literature fesitval which attracts scores of famous authors and hollywood celebrities to the sleepy Welsh town. A number of students attended the Philosophy festival ‘How the light gets in’ nearby.  As we arrived who should be walking along the path next to our…