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Preparation for University

A-Level students worked together yesterday to practice interview skills in preparation for their university applications.  Supported with lot's of role play and a range of thought provoking questions, the students were able to consider how best to present themselves for interview by their chosen higher-level institutions.

ICT & STEM Enrichment

Today our teaching team received training on a new 3D printer which will soon be rolled out to enrich educational experiences in ICT and STEM classes.  We look forward to seeing some creative designs next term!

A Christmas Carol (or two!)

Our festive celebration assembly allowed us to think about some English Christmas traditions whilst also sharing some more international ways of celebrating over the festive season. We enjoyed some lovely music and readings as well as some congregational singing. It gave us all a chance to really enjoy and be thankful for our international school community. 

COBIS Maths Challenge

The COBIS Mangahigh Maths Challenge is a free, online competition for 5-16 year olds designed to engage students with maths through a games-based learning approach. Using Mangahigh, students complete maths activities, which teachers may personalise to support students’ learning, to score individual points, which in turn contributes to their schools' tally. Students can access their activities at home or in school so it can be used for homework, revision, or a fun task!

We had a very exciting 2018 competition, which ran from Monday, 19 November - Friday, 30 November 2018. Eighteen students earned a magnificent tally of seventeen gold, eight silver and twenty-eight bronze medals. In total, 89 COBIS schools participated in the 2018 competition and 18,871 students were active during the Challenge. An impressive 748,709 points were earned by students!


A trip to Birmingham for the German Xmas Market

The students enjoyed a very festive trip to the second city, Birmingham, last weekend, where they enjoyed visiting the German Christmas Market.  The spread of seasonal stalls - a centrepiece of the city's festive calendar and a sure sign that Christmas isn't far away - now attracts more than 5.5 million visitors a year and boosts the local economy by £400 million.  Birmingham offers the largest outdoor Christmas market in the UK, and the biggest German market outside Germany and Austria.

Let the Festive Fun Begin!

Our week of festive fun begins with a wonderful Christmas lunch...#letsgetfestive #endofterm #greatfood

Senior Maths Challenge

Earlier this month,  A2 maths students and a few A1 students took part in the UKMT Senior Mathematical Challenge.   Four of the students gained Bronze awards and one gained Silver.  Swan  achieved a Gold award and is through to the next round which is the British Mathematical Olympiad.  This is an excellent result for our A2 group and good practice and experience for our A1 students.  Certificates of achievement were awarded during assembly.  Well done mathematicians!

Case Study focus for UFP Students

Today our UFP students were studying a pre released case study which will be the basis of the end of module exam. We are using this time to make sure that all aspects of the case study are developed and explored. The rational for this is to allow them to read the case study carefully; interpret the areas being addressed through the case study and the issues arising. It gives them the opportunity to discuss with their tutor and peers the areas they feel are being addressed and the issues arising to ensure that they are familiar with the case study and that they can anticipate possible question in the exam paper.

Exploring London

The students took a trip to London last weekend, for some sight-seeing, shopping and fun!  A great time was had by all.

Basketball Winners

The basketball team played a great game at their away match this week against Ludlow College.  Both teams played excellently and good sportsmanship was shown throughout.  The final score was 44-40 to KCSM - well done team!

Hitting the Mark!

Archery was the name of the game at Top Adventure sports this week, where a group of eager students tried their hand at hitting the bullseye!

Team Building Fun

As part of our PHSE (Personal, Health & Social Education) session this week, the students took part in a range of teamwork and trust building exercises.  It was a very impressive show of what can be achieved when you work together!

Replanting Britain

The entire school came together today as part of The Woodland Trust funded event commissioned to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I.  The students all took turns to plant saplings across the college campus in a joint national effort to 'Replant Britain'.  The students learned how much of the landscape was changed by the bombing of the Great War and also took time to look to the future and discuss concerns of the impact of deforestation on the climate and animal habitats.  In support of this learning, the students had the opportunity to decorate a large as life tree with leaves from the four seasons, as well as create some beautiful animal images in a variety of mediums.  We shall enjoy watching our new trees grow.

Visit to the Royal National College for the Blind

After successfully completing a range of fund raising events, the Prefect Team visited The Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford this week to present the College Principle, Mr Mark Fisher, with the donation cheque.  During their visit, the students were introduced to Kelsey (a member of the College Council) and his guide dog, Lacy.  Kelsey gave an insight into College life and the opportunities that the College offers to visually impaired people.   Our donation was very well received by Mr Fisher who stated that the college relies on such donations from organisations so that they can continue to support their students with the facilities they need to succeed as participating members of the community.  We welcomed a tour of the campus, where we met up with the England Blind Footballer, Dan English, for  a photo. Well done to all the student who took part in this fundraising event!

Urbanisation Studies

Geography came to life as the G2 students undertook an urban land use survey and environmental quality assessment in Kidderminster - a town located approximately 45 minutes drive from the College and famous for its cloth trade.  During the 18th and 19th centuries the town developed into the centre of British carpet manufacturing.

Lessons in Leadership

The Leadership Course is aimed at 'A' Level and UFP students and the purpose of the session this week was to inform and engage students in discussion on issues associated with value-driven/ethical leadership and the qualities of effective leadership.  This was done through instruction, class discussions, written activities and video clips.  In the first session next term, students will deliver presentations on what they learned this term.


Investigating the Environmental Impact of an Oil Spill

Environmental Science students attempted to minimize the environmental impact of an oil spill this week.  Students were challenged with the task of clearing up an ‘oil spill’ to support their understanding of the effectiveness of different methods for managing an oil spill.  No animals were hurt during this experiment!

Year 9 Biologists Investigate Skeleton-Muscular System

On Monday 19th November 2018 Year 9 Biologists dissected chicken wings as part of their study of the skeleton-muscular system.


We investigated the antagonistic muscle pairs, bones and joints found in the wings of birds. We then compared the wings of a bird to our own arms and realised that many of the bones and muscles are very similar, but are adapted to do different jobs. We discussed the evidence for evolution provided by these homologous structures in different organisms.


Tenbury Wells Christmas Lights Switch On

In support of the Christmas Lights Switch-On in Tenbury Wells this weekend, a group of students performed a beautiful dance both in the street before the count down for the lights and then again on stage in The Regal Theatre.  The dance was choreographed by professional dancer, Jack Ludwig, who worked with the students for several weeks before the event.  The dance was very well received by all those who attended the lights switch-on and we had many positive comments from the local community saying how well the students' performed.  Well done!

Badminton Fixture

This weekend saw our first badminton fixture against Lucton School.  Coung was Captain for the day and the team had practiced well in preparation for the event.  Well done to everyone who took part - the first of many badminton fixtures to come.


Basketball vs Lucton School

This weekend our basketball team played a return fixture against Lucton School.  The team played really well and worked hard.  End score was 25 - 33 to Lucton.  Well done everyone!

Interview Skills for University

Today we were delighted to have a visit from Chloe Hallows of Leeds University who kindly delivered a session to prepare our students for university selection interviews. The focus was on why universities interview, how to prepare for interviews and the do's and don'ts on the day. There was an opportunity for the students to practice interview questions and to ask Chloe questions about the session and also about studying at Leeds University. 

Revision Techniques for Results!

With end of terms examinations coming soon our evening PSE session looked at revision techniques. Students were encouraged to try news ideas for revision that they had not used before – including flash cards, peer questioning, mind maps and revision pizzas. Hopefully they will apply some of these ideas to their revision over the coming weeks.

Coding Club

This week, students worked to programme a Raspberry Pi (a microcontroller similar to the microbit they were programming last week - but with more power and features!).  The students aim to enter a Raspberry Pi Designers competition this term.

Weekend Ice-Skating Fun!

Students enjoyed a great day at Malvern ice-skating rink last weekend.  Malvern is a spa town located in Worcestershire and the town is set with a backdrop of the beautiful Malvern Hills.

Geography Field Trip

Geography students visited Cardingmill Valley in Shropshire to spend the day studying rivers.  The group investigated river profile, velocity and transport in rivers both at their source and further downstream.  Everyone had a pair of wellington boots, so there were no wet feet at the end of the session!

Dove of Peace

The Year 9 art group worked together to create an amazing 'Dove of Peace' for display in Saint Michael's church, as part of an exhibition of work created by local schools and community groups in commemoration of 100 years since the end of the First World War.  

Students Receive A Good Grounding in Physics

'How to wire a plug' was ranked fourth in a recent survey of the skills adults wished they had learned when they were at school*.  Shocked, students in Year 10 (also known as 'Ninth grade' or 'Freshman year') investigated electrical safety features - such as earthing and fuses - by stripping and rewiring grounded, thirteen amp plugs.


This rectangular-pronged electrical hardware is used in Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Singapore and the United Kingdom.


*Source: OnePoll 2015


A Flipping Great Cooking Club!

Another flipping execellent Cookery Club!  Everyone enjoyed making pancakes this week, with the support of our Head Chef!  

Science is Sweet

In Chemistry class, students investigated changes of state.  Their experiment aimed to identify if different types of chocolate (milk, white and dark) have different melting points and establish theories for what they discovered.

Team Building Fun

A group of students enjoyed working as a team during their visit to 'Live the Adventure', where they were challenged to undertake a series of activities which required them to work as a team.  The experience supported development of communication, negotiation, leadership and team working skills.

Football Champions

Today the football team took on visitors Pitsford School, Northamptonshire, on home ground.  Our students played a great game and demonstrated excellent sportsmanship and teamwork to achieve an impressive 4-1 win.  Man of the match was Alex, scoring two goals, with stunning goals also from Armanni and Martin.  Well done team!

GCSE Art Creations

The GCSE students have been busy creating some wonderful pieces of art with Mr Skyes.  For more pictures please visit our Flicker page at

Coding Club

In Coding Club the students have been developing their coding skills.  Derin programmed a BBC Microbit, which are standalone micro-controllers that can be programmed with games and other functions. Derrin programmed hers to be used as a badge showing her name in scrolling letters and with a fortune telling game.


Marco completed the Cyber Discovery competition introductory games. These are challenges and puzzles designed to identify the next generation of Cyber Security professionals. He is progressing through to complete the medium level challenges.


Next week the students will try to programme a Raspberry Pi (another standalone microcontroller but more powerful and with more features than the microbit) in preparation for entering a Raspberry Pi Designers competition. 


Chromatography Investigation

Today we were investigating chromatography, which is a technique used to separate two or more liquids that make up a mixture, such as pen ink or candy that has been dissolved.  We put a drop of different mixtures at the bottom of the chromography paper and then put a solvent (water or salt water) at the bottom of the paper and watched the colours separate out. This is because they dissolve differently in the solvent.

Remembering the 'Great War'

Year 9 and GCSE students visited Saint Michaels church to visit the World War One exhibition commemorating 100 years since the end of the "Great War".  Students learnt how local people were involved in the war effort and how students of Saint Michaels College were sent as soldiers to fight. Alas, 13 soldiers from St Michael's lost their lives in the conflict. 


The students learned about the cultural significance of this event and the legacy which is still felt to this day.  They benefited from what was a sombre but important reflection of the time. 



Top Adventure

A group of students took part in a range of action and adventure activities this week, including kayaking, paddle boarding, horse-riding and paintballing.  It was an excellent opportunity to try out some new sports and challenge ourselves!


Our recent PSHE day provided students with an opportunity to develop their skills and to think about helping others. All students took part in valuable first aid training giving them to skills to help other people in an emergency situation.  Throughout the year our students are raising money for the national College for the Blind in Hereford and, as part of raising the awareness of this charity, students were able to take part in Goal Ball.  It was a challenge as, for a short while, students could understand what it might be like to have no sight.  Students also looked at Safeguarding and what it means to them so that we can produce a pupil friendly safeguarding policy.  Older students enjoyed a very informative session delivered by staff from Aston University on how to write an impressive personal statement.  The feedback on the day was very positive, with a good mix of activities and everyone learnt something new and developed their skills or confidence.


Class Delegates

We were very pleased to award the class delegates badges for this year. These students will represent their tutor groups on the school council for this academic year. We very much hope that they will find the experience a positive one and will help support the Prefects in school activities as well as ensure that there are opportunities for Pupil Voice in the school.


Halloween Party

by Nevena Doknic On 29th October, Saint Michael’s organised an unforgettable party for pupils.  Everyone had to dress up in scary costumes because it was Halloween.  The party was in Berrington Hall, not so far from Saint Michaels.  It was decorated with lots of scary stuff and you could see lots of young and happy…


Geography Day Out

by Mrs. Cabra On Monday 24th October the Geography students spent a lovely day in Wales investigating different features of a river.  The weather was cloudy and chilly, especially in the upper course.  We started at the YHA (Youth Hostel Association) next to Tallybont reservoir, a beautiful location in the Brecon Beacons.   Steve (a member of…

international school sports

Football against Ludlow

by Mustafa H, Egypt. We arrived at the Ludlow pitch just on time.  The weather was cold but we soon warmed up.  Then the match started and it was all about the tactics.  At first they proved better than us and scored a goal.  But we didn’t give up and our coach, Simon, cheered us…


Horse riding

Every Wednesday students take part in a range of sports and activities.  On Sundays they have the opportunity to try something a bit different.  Some of our students made the short journey to the horse riding stables near Leominster.     A few of our students have tried riding a horse before, but for many…


Mid term exams

With the first exams of the year happening this month we asked for students to give us their thoughts before and after they took place. How we felt going in…  Two weeks before exams I started to really work hard and revise carefully for every exam. A good place to start was by asking teachers…


Open University Afternoon

  ‘Students were full of very appropriate questions.  They had a good idea of what they wanted to do in their futures.’ Nick, Liverpool John Moore’s ‘What very focused students you have here.’ Anisa Atlasi, Edge Hill University, Liverpool ‘Detailed conversations – querying what courses they wanted to study. I gave a talk about making…