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University Fairs

Our annual  University day was once again a huge success giving all our students the opportunity to meet face to face with around 20 universities from across the UK in our very own common room.
All year groups attend the fair so it gave even  the year 9 students the opportunity to start thinking about the wide range of courses that are available to them. In turn, this will assist with their academic subject options for their GCSE and A level years.
University Fair in London  - by Nevena
On Saturday 4th of November we had a trip to London University day. There were around 90 different universities represented, which was fabulous. The fair took place in the Royal Lancaster Hotel from 12:00-17:00. Around 15 students from Saint Michael”s college had shown interest in going and trying to discover where their future lies.  We had some time to walk around and as the fair which was close to Oxford Street, we decided to all go there and walk around a bit. You could see lots of excitement on students’ faces.  We couldn”t wait for 12 o clock to be able to  go and talk with universities. When we finally entered  we were shocked as there were so many universities. We couldn’t decide to which one to talk first. We wanted to talk to all of them, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. When the time came to go back to school, we didn’t want to leave because we had had so much fun and we have found out lots of interesting information about the different universities in the UK..

Former Student Reminisces

Daniel Diaz, a former student of King's College Saint Michaels 20 years ago, surprised us all by turning up with his family last week. Daniel was keen to see all the new developments at the school and it also brought back many fond memories when seeing the classrooms he used to study in, the dinning room where he ate etc. We are really happy that Daniel spent time to come and see us from Gran Canaria and we do urge any former student to come and visit too. We are building up an alumni group to organise events, keep you updated with developments etc and would love as many of our old students to sign up as possible. For more information click here 

Geography Field Trip

The geography students spent a cold sunny November day in Wales looking at the changes in river characteristics in the upper course to lower course.   Students carried out practical various tasks to determine the depth, width, velocity and size and shape of bed load of each section.   This study  continued to build on the physical geography work they had been doing in class recently on rivers. However, to see some of the theory in action was a wonderful learning opportunity. Whilst some students found it very cold up on Hay Bluff in mid November, they worked hard and were very positive about the whole experience.

Visit to Oxford University

By Aly Saleh
On a chilly Monday morning, before the squirrels and robins had woken up, I got out of bed, put on my ice cap, grabbed my backpack and headed to catch the school’s bus. We were a group of A1 and A2 students going to visit the University of Oxford.
 Our first stop was at the National History Museum of Oxford. Known for its massive collection of ancient dinosaur skeletons, we wandered around the museum discovering all sorts of new information. Ranging from tanzanite gems with vivid colors to puffin birds' habitat. What perhaps makes this museum standout from all others is how detailed the structure is. Around the hall, you can find statues of famous philosophers and scientists from all different epochs looking down at the curious visitors.The museum itself can be considered as a piece of art. Before leaving, we signed our names and added 6 different countries to the visitor's book.
After that, most of us went to have lunch at a Brazilian restaurant while others went to a Japanese restaurant.Our next destination was Oriel College, on our way there, we passed through the indoor market. In there you can find all sorts of stuff from many cultures. For instance, we stopped at a Chinese shop for some bubble tea followed by visiting the Indian shop next door.
 Once we reached our destination, we toured Oriel College. We were all surprised by the authentic shape of the buildings and the symmetry of the quad. Someone described the place as having the looks of Hogwarts. After going through some underground tunnels and some narrow streets, we reached the student island, all students live there. The place itself is compact with narrow cobblestone streets and 3 story buildings all around you, that you can only see the part of the sky directly above you. You can tell how ancient the place is by the length of ivy that grew on walls over the centuries.
We were given a presentation by an Oxford alumnus, she gave us advice on how to apply to Oxbridge universities and cleared some of the misconceptions about the interview process. Afterwards, we meet two students and they told us about life in Oriel college.  they also  explained how they feel at home in Oxford university.
 After this exhausting day, we went back to SMC and arrived just after prep to tell our friends about our day in Oxford. In my opinion, this trip helped us understand how college life is different from school life and,more importantly, motivated us to work harder on our academic work.

A is for Apple .......

Tenbury Apple Fest is an annual festival that shows off the different types of apples grown in the region, and is a large market with various entertainments throughout the day.  It is very popular in the region and draws folk from miles around. Dani T. takes up the story:
This year’s prefect team has been very busy with many projects.  One of them was organising an “SMC helping squad” for Apple Fest.
On Friday 6th  October, 9 brave pupils went down to the local Tenbury Scouts to get their scout ties and to qualify to help in this very famous Festival.
The next day was the main event.  SMC students went down again ready to work.  First, we helped the scouts put up their gazebo and set up the different stands.  Then, at about 10 o’ clock, people started flooding in and things got heated up.  Some of us went around making sure we were available, if anyone needed our help, others stayed and assisted with the selling and marketing.
After a hard day at work I think everyone had an unforgettable experience and definitely learnt a lot about both teamwork and team-spirit. I also want to especially thank the scouts for letting us be a part of their family, even if it was only for a short while. Overall, we came away with a great memory to be shared with friends.
Khoi, Dani T, and Jessica A (our Head Girl) with new-found friend

Announcement of New House Names

New names were announced for our Houses.  Instead of colours that had been temporarily given as everybody worked on deciding the final name for each house, names of famous British explorers have now been given.  Blue House becomes Scott, Green turns into Drake, Yellow transforms itself into Kingsley, and red reveals itself finally to be Cook.  Decisions were taken democratically during the weekly tutor group, and the final choice was revealed Friday.  Runners-up had been Knights of the Round Table, International Mafia organisations and literary characters like Sherlock Holmes and James Bond.  Your guess as to whether the right choice was finally made.
Points are awarded throughout the year for merits in all fields (academic, cultural, social and sport).The winning house receives a house cup at the annual leavers dinner in the summer.

Cultural Culinary

Every Wednesday between the hours of six until eight the cookery class meet in the college kitchens to make creations under the direction of our chef Jonathan Astly..  “Twenty-seven turned up last week.  I usually aim at about 14-15.”  With such a popular class should he complain, we ask ourselves?  On the menu so far has been sushi, cupcakes and brownies.  “We will also be preparing a buffet for Halloween” added Stephen with a wicked grin.

Getting to Know Tenbury

Over two days we took all of our students, returning and new arrivals, into Tenbury for a closer look at the town.
They followed clues that lead them around the town and through the park. Students worked in groups of mixed nationalities and ranging levels of English to try and be the first to finish the puzzle.
We even took our mascot Michael Bear with us, Can you spot him in the pictures?

A Club for Everyone

In SMC we have many great clubs. To name some, there are debate club, drama club, Japanese club, science discussion club and newspaper club. In debating club students had a very interesting discussion about the school uniforms and if they are discriminating people according to their sex or not. In History and Politics club the topic of the Spartan Constitution will be presented this week. In Drama club students are learning the art of acting and in Basketball club people are having great time while they are finding new friends.
Clubs are really important for SMC because it not only gives an entertaining activity to the pupils but also a chance to interact with many of their student friends, who they might have never spoken in their school life, if not for clubs.
Frista chose Netball, Basketball for girls, Dance, Craft and Yoga – ‘It’s relaxing’ she told us.
Keitlin went for Debating and Drama – ‘My uncle is an actor’ she added.
Wendy has chosen Yoga, Badminton and Gardening – hmm… we thought, watching the leaves on the trees turn to gold.
Stoyan goes to a lot of clubs including: debating, Basketball club, dance, Chess, and Board Games.  Phew!
Yana: Newspaper club and Science Discussion Group – ‘which reminds me I have a presentation to prepare for – on outer space.’
Alie: Debating is a good way to learn and construct an argument and defend your thoughts – but in a civilised way.  It is also a good exercise for speaking in front of people. 

Trip to England's No 2 City - Birmingham

One of the first major excursions of the school year was a day trip to Birmingham on Saturday 16th.  Students split into groups to pursue common interests, whether it was to go shopping or a trip to Chinatown.  Vanessa went to a bookshop and found the book she was looking for, and then went off with Alicia to a Japanese restaurant for sushi.  Steven bought clothes and his companion Sherman said: “It rained a bit but we watched it from the window of a Chinese restaurant.”

Prefects Tea Party

 On Tuesday 19th September the prefects gathered to have a typical English tea party with Mr & Mrs Robinson, Head of Boarding. It is the first time they have experienced such an evening and we hope to make it a regular event on the schoool calendar. Everyone was treated to homemade scones, jam and clotted cream along with cucumber sandwiches and finishing with a perfect cup of tea.
During the teaparty everyone got to know each other a little better by selecting questions randomly and answering them with the person sat on their right .
One of the most interesting parts was chatting about how we could make improvements to various aspects of school life from the opening times of the boarding houses to how we could possibly help new students adapt to KCSM life even more quickly.
Everyone enjoyed the tea party and look forward to the next event.

Table Tennis Competition

Students gathered in the common room on Sunday morning (17th September) to witness the first House Table Tennis Competition of the year.  Initial curiosity of the onlookers turned to glee as the participants put their heart into the matches. The tournament lasted two hours with a final knockout competition between the two semi-finalists.  Filip won for Blue House, Temirlan came second, and third was Dani.

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2017

Congratulations to Nelson Chan, Stan Huang and Alex Wang who all received a Copper award from the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. (pictured here with Headteacher, Mrs Nicola Walker)

At the end of the summer term some of the A1 Chemistry group took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge 2017.

In the same week that they were relaxing after AS module examinations and preparing for the summer holiday, they sat a very difficult examination designed to test both knowledge and problem solving skills. The chemistry questions were based on topical issues.

The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is set by St Catharine’s College of Cambridge University; to be taken by the most talented Chemistry students from across the country. The questions are designed to be more challenging than AS papers . Some of the questions are on familiar topics but most are completely new to AS students and requires them to use  their scientific skills to work through the problems logically. Those setting the questions stated in their feedback to schools that “problem-solving skills are essential for the study of science at university and in industry.” “The ‘resilience’ of A level students and the importance of students to keep going with questions even in the face of difficulty, is still much talked about and is highly desirable by Universities.” .

Over 7000 students from 500 different schools across the country took the challenge.  From Saint Michael’s College, five students took the challenge.

The scores are given levels; Copper, Silver, Gold and Roentgenium; (less than 9% of all the entries gained over 50% in the Challenge) The organisers felt that a mark at 33% and above represented a very good achievement on this paper and showed the students were able to successfully think their way  through unfamiliar material.



Monday Assembly

Monday morning assemblies have a sense of sparkle about them these days.  On a cold winter morning it could be a moment to set our pupils up for the week.  Inspiring models of behaviour are the watchwords here and the other week our pupil Nashm prepared a poem to read to the assembled school.  It…


Peruvian Students

We have been fortunate to welcome a group of Peruvians students to King’s College Saint Michaels this term. They were a great addition to the school joining in lessons whilst improving their English. An impressive programme of weekend visits took them far and wide including a trip to Oxford, watching a Manchester United match at…


Valentine’s Day disco

If you went up to the Common Room on Saturday you would have been confronted by a room festooned with balloons, rose petals, hearts, decorations and other accessories for the annual Valentine’s Day Disco. There was a lot of dancing, with good music played by ace DJs Martin and Nashm.  Mostly upbeat, thumping rhythms were…

Cardiff Market

Trip to Cardiff

What a day to go to Cardiff!  A little peaceful shopping perhaps?  A jaunt around the celebrated castle ruins and reflection upon medieval times?  Not on this day, anyway.  Yes, we could go shopping, yes we could go around the castle, but our attention was drawn principally by the feel of carnival around us.  Drummers…


Scholars’ Dinner in Madrid

We arrived late afternoon and noticed how different it was from the UK before even getting off the plane.  It had been a while since we’d last seen the sun still shining after 5 p.m. The ride over to the hotel had us gawking at the marvelous city.  Seeing Madrid made me realize that love…


Contemporary Dance Class

by Frista & Alina   This term we are practicing contemporary dance.  This is a style of expressive dance combining elements of several dance genres, including Modern Jazz, Lyrical, and Classical ballet.  Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. There are around 15 of us taking part and we…


Christmas Lunch

One final tradition took place of the last lunchtime of the year.  Christmas fare was served to one and all by Mr. Higgins, in full Father Christmas attire, and Mrs Hall giving support to our new chef Mr Astley (elf for the day). Students were treated to a medley of festive songs, even making their…