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Trip to Oxford

Our boarders had an amazing time exploring Oxford this month. Visiting Christchurch College was a real highlight.The buildings were so grand and magical, it felt like we had just stepped onto the Harry Potter filmset!

Science Department Events

 by Aizhan I. (Kazakhstan)
The latest experiment that was organized by our students was the investigating iron tablets. Haemoglobin, in red blood cells, has haem groups containing Iron, which bond to oxygen and transport it around the body. When there is a lack of iron in the organism (iron deficiency) it can cause serious problems as oxygen intake decreases. This is called Anaemia. People with it use Iron tablets to treat themselves and prevent the dangerous consequences of the disease. The photo represents titration using acidified potassium manganite [VII] carried by Danny T. (Bulgaria) to measure the amount of iron in the tablets

A Christmas carol

ByJessica A.:

For us Readers it was a bit nerve-wracking, but the event was cheery, and I think cosy for those watching us and singing.  We tried to be all-inclusive in our presentations of Christmases around the world.

The Readers showed superb diction, clear and easy to understand and they maintained a steady confidence throughout.  Well done!  Also present were the Head of the Kings Group Sir Roger Fry and Elena Benito.

Snow Day

By Martin

I’m one of the members of the Weather Club.  We forecast the weather and keep records.  So we were already expecting snow but not in the quantity we did get.  When I awoke on Sunday I was still sleepy but I opened the curtains and saw that it was snowing and that everything was white.  Very happily, I woke up my room mate Alex to show him too. 

In an Instant we had dressed and then we went outside to play.  It was so beautiful that we spent five hours outside playing and walking through the forest behind Hickman, in the company of our friends.  All day it snowed until nightfall.  

Cultural Evening

By Dani T

On the 3rd of December, our first ever school cultural evening took place! It was a collaboration with the local high school in Tenbury, where people from both schools had the chance to express their talents in music, drama and dance. I, as a prefect, was part of the organising team. We had to make sure the show ran smoothly and tend to any needs that the performers might have had. We supposedly did a good job as the feedback we got was more than brilliant. As claps echoed through Saint Michael’s church, we all felt proud of what we had accomplished.

After a short introduction by the Head Girl and Head Boy the programme included a musical piece by Aly, Christina, the students from  Tenbury High and a dance by our school dance club. There were also 2 drama installations - one by each school. Overall a great afternoon.

I think the most important thing to take from this year’s cultural evening is the effort of both schools to cooperate. We all feel like a tradition ought to be started making us not just neighbours but indeed very close “mates”, as they say in England.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Treats

Students enjoyed making a traditional Christmas cake to take home for a treat for their parents at the end of term. Lots of fun was had by all the students ..

"We had to measure the different dried fruit, peel some orange, add cinnamon and other spices, then mix it all together.  In another bowl we blended brown sugar with butter – using our nice clean hands according to tradition.  Three eggs were then prepared and added, plus flour – a little at a time – like the eggs, mixed until consistent and with no lumps.  It was easier for someone next to you to pour in these ingredients while you’re mixing.  Then add the fruit and mix that. 

In a cake tin lined with baking paper, you pour the mixture and flatten out.  Next, make a crease in the centre to allow the cake to rise as it bakes.

And that’s the preparation.  (It took us a whole prep!)"

ISSA Football Tournament

The excitement of a trip to represent your school is a slow build, from when it was first mentioned by Miss combes to the actual flight out of Heathrow on the 1st of November. The lucky staff  who were able to go to warmer climates were Mr Robinson and Mr Sanchez who had been working hard with the football team to get them ready for an intense 3 days of football. The main focus for our team was team spirit and to show true sportsmanship to the other teams. A big blow to our hopes was that Joshua was unable to fly as his visa did not turn up in time so we flew out 1 player down.

We departed from Saint Michael's  at 00.05, eventually arriving at our hotel in Madrid at 13.00. The hotel was situated in Boadilla in the middle of nowhere which was good for safety but a bit too dead for the students liking. However Mr Sanchez rose to the occasion and arranged several trips out using his connections and local knowledge.

The Football then started on the 2.11.17 after an induction with the ISSA organisers and a meeting with the world famous Fernando Torres who plays for Atletico Madrid and Spain. This was such a treat and our team captain was able to get a selfie and his autograph on our football. However after our football was passed around the team the autograph miraculously disappeared.  Who forgot to pack the permanent marker?

The football was played at a world class venue.  It was just fantastic to play somewhere that good.

Thursday the  teams were split into two groups and we were paired with last year’s winners Southbank, Real Madrid, Turkey Bliss and a Team From Portugal. We eventually got under way against Southbank and after a real tense affair we finally went down 3-0. We then went on to play Real Madrid and after a very exciting affair we eventually went down 4-1. The only consolation was that we were the only team to score against these in the group stage. The downside to the day was Poor Alex Houbak who needed hospital treatment for a suspected broken wrist but which eventually turned out to be only a bad sprain.  Unfortunately for him he played no more part of the competition. Even though we lost our first two games our spirits were still high. We then returned to our hotel and got ready for a night out to the local shopping arcade. The students were given 3 hours of free time to explore and eat. Mr Robinson and Mr Sanchez both decided on a tapas meal and were blown away by the taste explosion. It was then an early night to bed to get ready for our next two matches.

Friday If we were not to finish last this was crunch time.  We were due for games against Portugal and Turkey.   However hard we tried we came up short and lost the last two matches. The losses just came down to the fact our team ran out of steam and it became apparent the other teams had been playing together for several years and had more experience when it mattered.

To make up for this setback we organised a trip into Madrid.  Mr Sanchez became tour guide and gave the students a great sightseeing trip which took in the fabulous Kings Palace and many more aspects of the city. The students were then given 3 hours of free time to shop and eat. This was a sensory overload on a busy Friday night in Madrid. We then used the underground and tram system to get back to the hotel all the while the students were singing and having fun.  It was a great sight to see them in such high spirits.  They were a great credit to our school.

Saturday, the question was could we finish with a win and end the tournament on a high note?  Unfortunately injuries were starting to take their toll and we were unable to  raise our game to the level we had started with. In the end we came last, but the high point was the  organisers awarded the Sportsmanship trophy to our team due to no bookings and the respect we had given to all the teams, officials and the ISSA organisers. The tournament was eventually won by Real Madrid who beat Barcelona (el Clásico) even at this level.

IT Upgrade to Games Room

Our students have welcomed a major IT upgrade to the games room. The games room has been fitted with the latest gaming and virtual reality equipment for students to take advantage of in their free time.

Announcement of New House Names

New names were announced for our Houses.  Instead of colours that had been temporarily given as everybody worked on deciding the final name for each house, names of famous British explorers have now been given.  Blue House becomes Scott, Green turns into Drake, Yellow transforms itself into Kingsley, and red reveals itself finally to be Cook.  Decisions were taken democratically during the weekly tutor group, and the final choice was revealed Friday.  Runners-up had been Knights of the Round Table, International Mafia organisations and literary characters like Sherlock Holmes and James Bond.  Your guess as to whether the right choice was finally made.
Points are awarded throughout the year for merits in all fields (academic, cultural, social and sport).The winning house receives a house cup at the annual leavers dinner in the summer.

Cultural Culinary

Every Wednesday between the hours of six until eight the cookery class meet in the college kitchens to make creations under the direction of our chef Jonathan Astly..  “Twenty-seven turned up last week.  I usually aim at about 14-15.”  With such a popular class should he complain, we ask ourselves?  On the menu so far has been sushi, cupcakes and brownies.  “We will also be preparing a buffet for Halloween” added Stephen with a wicked grin.

Getting to Know Tenbury

Over two days we took all of our students, returning and new arrivals, into Tenbury for a closer look at the town.
They followed clues that lead them around the town and through the park. Students worked in groups of mixed nationalities and ranging levels of English to try and be the first to finish the puzzle.
We even took our mascot Michael Bear with us, Can you spot him in the pictures?

A Club for Everyone

In SMC we have many great clubs. To name some, there are debate club, drama club, Japanese club, science discussion club and newspaper club. In debating club students had a very interesting discussion about the school uniforms and if they are discriminating people according to their sex or not. In History and Politics club the topic of the Spartan Constitution will be presented this week. In Drama club students are learning the art of acting and in Basketball club people are having great time while they are finding new friends.
Clubs are really important for SMC because it not only gives an entertaining activity to the pupils but also a chance to interact with many of their student friends, who they might have never spoken in their school life, if not for clubs.
Frista chose Netball, Basketball for girls, Dance, Craft and Yoga – ‘It’s relaxing’ she told us.
Keitlin went for Debating and Drama – ‘My uncle is an actor’ she added.
Wendy has chosen Yoga, Badminton and Gardening – hmm… we thought, watching the leaves on the trees turn to gold.
Stoyan goes to a lot of clubs including: debating, Basketball club, dance, Chess, and Board Games.  Phew!
Yana: Newspaper club and Science Discussion Group – ‘which reminds me I have a presentation to prepare for – on outer space.’
Alie: Debating is a good way to learn and construct an argument and defend your thoughts – but in a civilised way.  It is also a good exercise for speaking in front of people. 

Science Department Events

The latest experiment that was organized by our students was the investigating iron tablets. Haemoglobin, in red blood cells, has haem groups containing Iron, which bond to oxygen and transport it around the body. When there is a lack of iron in the organism (iron deficiency) it can cause serious problems as oxygen intake decreases.…


Monday Assembly

Monday morning assemblies have a sense of sparkle about them these days.  On a cold winter morning it could be a moment to set our pupils up for the week.  Inspiring models of behaviour are the watchwords here and the other week our pupil Nashm prepared a poem to read to the assembled school.  It…


Peruvian Students

We have been fortunate to welcome a group of Peruvians students to King’s College Saint Michaels this term. They were a great addition to the school joining in lessons whilst improving their English. An impressive programme of weekend visits took them far and wide including a trip to Oxford, watching a Manchester United match at…


Valentine’s Day disco

If you went up to the Common Room on Saturday you would have been confronted by a room festooned with balloons, rose petals, hearts, decorations and other accessories for the annual Valentine’s Day Disco. There was a lot of dancing, with good music played by ace DJs Martin and Nashm.  Mostly upbeat, thumping rhythms were…

Cardiff Market

Trip to Cardiff

What a day to go to Cardiff!  A little peaceful shopping perhaps?  A jaunt around the celebrated castle ruins and reflection upon medieval times?  Not on this day, anyway.  Yes, we could go shopping, yes we could go around the castle, but our attention was drawn principally by the feel of carnival around us.  Drummers…


Scholars’ Dinner in Madrid

We arrived late afternoon and noticed how different it was from the UK before even getting off the plane.  It had been a while since we’d last seen the sun still shining after 5 p.m. The ride over to the hotel had us gawking at the marvelous city.  Seeing Madrid made me realize that love…


Contemporary Dance Class

by Frista & Alina   This term we are practicing contemporary dance.  This is a style of expressive dance combining elements of several dance genres, including Modern Jazz, Lyrical, and Classical ballet.  Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. There are around 15 of us taking part and we…