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We have held another successful PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) day here at King’s College Saint Michaels.
The students took part in activities including a Basic First Aid Course, Sex and Relationships Session, Fitness and Nutrition, and Mindfulness and Mental Health Awareness. The first aid session introduced the students to the importance of CPR, the recovery position and bandaging. These skills are invaluable!
The students commented that they felt these sessions were important and have asked for more detailed sessions again next year in topics such as Mental Health Awareness and First Aid. The PSHE days aim to teach our students valuable life-long skills. Next academic year we will be delivering even more of these inspiring courses.

Academic Preparation Group Visit Clee Hill Primary School

On Wednesday four of our Academic Prep students visited Clee Hill Primary school where, as part of their ‘Reading Miles’ project, they were discovering all about Japan.
Akitaka, who is from Osaka, started off their assembly and delivered a presentation to the 120 students aged between 5 and 11 years. Steven, Sherman and BM also taught the children something about their home countries.
The children were enthralled with their visitors and were keen to ask many questions when they visited each of the classrooms. The Saint Michael's pupils also taught the whole school how to count in 3 different languages.
Overall, it was a great experience: the boys were great teachers, left a great impression of the College and should be extremely proud of themselves. Well done!

Foundation Physics Circular Motion Experiment

Foundation Physics students conducted an experiment investigating circular motion. We looked at the relationship between radius, time period and velocity whilst going around the sports hall on rollerskates.

ACP Group Trips to Witley Court and Berrington Hall

This month, our ACP group enjoyed day excursions to Witley Court and Berrington Hall. 
Until a disastrous fire gutted the house in 1936, Witley Court could claim to be one of the finest stately homes in the country. There was a manor at Witley as early as Saxon times, and after the Norman Conquest the land was granted to a relative of William the Conqueror, one Urso d'Abetot. The manor later passed through the hands of the Cooksey family and later the Russells of Strensham, before being purchased by Thomas Foley, son of an iron merchant from Stourbridge. Our students loved learning all about the history of this fascinating place.
The students also visited Berrington Hall, an 18th Century manor house built by Thomas Harley.
We experienced how the rich lived during this time and even had the opportunity to try on some clothes from the era.
After visiting the house we enjoyed some afternoon tea in the cafe and strolled around the picturesque  grounds of the manor, even managing to fit in some traditional British lawn games that would've been played at the time.
Next week our students are going to a local primary school where they will give a presentation in front of the whole school about their country. After they are even going to try being teachers and are going to give a language lesson to a handful of classes.

Science Olympiads

This term is focused on the build up to the external examinations. This was given a boost by the results and awards from last term's challenge competitions. A large proportion of the A1 and A2 Science students took part in one ore more of the Science Olympiads. All those that took part gained at least a Commended but especial note goes to Stan for Silver in the Chemistry Olympiad, Danny for Bronze in both Chemistry and Biology Olympiad and Aly for Bronze in both Biology and Physics Olympiad Challenges.

Academic Preparation Group

Academic Preparation Group have been having English lessons with the English team as well as joining regular classes to get a taste of academic life in an English boarding school. We've also been on afternoon trips to Hereford Cathedral, where we saw the 'Weeping Window' poppies exhibition honouring those that died in both World Wars from Herefordshire, as well as the Mappa Mundi which is one of the oldest maps of the world in existence. Finally, we went to Ludlow and visited Ludlow castle - which has housed Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII's wife) - as well as spent time wandering around the old picturesque market town itself.

Business Studies ICEAW Competition

Business Studies students entered the ICEAW competition this term and one of the teams got through to the 3rd round and were in the top 25% of all the teams taking part.

We were even lucky enough to have a mentor to came to the College and speak to the team! Becki Whalley, who is an Assistant Audit Manager for Crowe Clark Whithill LLP, gave them guidance on the final round. The team captain was Jessica Abbazi.

Enrichment Programme - Archery

Archery has become part of our enrichment programme today - very exciting! Two of our students helped us to run this activity. Thank you, Richard and Julia, for your knowledge of this sport.


Our speed demons were back on the race track to enjoy some friendly rivalry. Go-Karting has been so popular that it’s the third time we've been this year! Thanks to our sports and social team for organising another great group activity.

Summer Barbecue

With the warm weather, we were able to hold our first summer barbecue this month. Our school is the perfect setting for food and company, so let's hope this is the first of many!

Civil Engineering Challenge

As part of our G1 and pre A civil engineering challenge, teams had to use limited newspaper and masking tape resources to make the tallest tower capable of supporting a golf ball, and a bridge spanning 80 cm to transport a toy car. They had a limited time span and an Easter related award for the most successful structures.

Another Snow Day!

In mid-March, our school received another visit from the 'Beast from the East'! We woke up to icicles, and more snow covering the school grounds. We are now taking this in our stride and nothing stops us having fun.

ISSA Basketball Tournament

Our basketball team showed great team spirit, commitment and sportmanship at the ISSA tournament in March. After losing our first two games, we won three in a row by scores of 40-21, 61-46 and 49-25. Well done to everyone who took part, you did the school proud! 

Announcement of New House Names

New names were announced for our Houses.  Instead of colours that had been temporarily given as everybody worked on deciding the final name for each house, names of famous British explorers have now been given.  Blue House becomes Scott, Green turns into Drake, Yellow transforms itself into Kingsley, and red reveals itself finally to be Cook.  Decisions were taken democratically during the weekly tutor group, and the final choice was revealed Friday.  Runners-up had been Knights of the Round Table, International Mafia organisations and literary characters like Sherlock Holmes and James Bond.  Your guess as to whether the right choice was finally made.
Points are awarded throughout the year for merits in all fields (academic, cultural, social and sport).The winning house receives a house cup at the annual leavers dinner in the summer.

Cultural Culinary

Every Wednesday between the hours of six until eight the cookery class meet in the college kitchens to make creations under the direction of our chef Jonathan Astly..  “Twenty-seven turned up last week.  I usually aim at about 14-15.”  With such a popular class should he complain, we ask ourselves?  On the menu so far has been sushi, cupcakes and brownies.  “We will also be preparing a buffet for Halloween” added Stephen with a wicked grin.

Getting to Know Tenbury

Over two days we took all of our students, returning and new arrivals, into Tenbury for a closer look at the town.
They followed clues that lead them around the town and through the park. Students worked in groups of mixed nationalities and ranging levels of English to try and be the first to finish the puzzle.
We even took our mascot Michael Bear with us, Can you spot him in the pictures?

A Club for Everyone

In SMC we have many great clubs. To name some, there are debate club, drama club, Japanese club, science discussion club and newspaper club. In debating club students had a very interesting discussion about the school uniforms and if they are discriminating people according to their sex or not. In History and Politics club the topic of the Spartan Constitution will be presented this week. In Drama club students are learning the art of acting and in Basketball club people are having great time while they are finding new friends.
Clubs are really important for SMC because it not only gives an entertaining activity to the pupils but also a chance to interact with many of their student friends, who they might have never spoken in their school life, if not for clubs.
Frista chose Netball, Basketball for girls, Dance, Craft and Yoga – ‘It’s relaxing’ she told us.
Keitlin went for Debating and Drama – ‘My uncle is an actor’ she added.
Wendy has chosen Yoga, Badminton and Gardening – hmm… we thought, watching the leaves on the trees turn to gold.
Stoyan goes to a lot of clubs including: debating, Basketball club, dance, Chess, and Board Games.  Phew!
Yana: Newspaper club and Science Discussion Group – ‘which reminds me I have a presentation to prepare for – on outer space.’
Alie: Debating is a good way to learn and construct an argument and defend your thoughts – but in a civilised way.  It is also a good exercise for speaking in front of people. 

Science Department Events

The latest experiment that was organized by our students was the investigating iron tablets. Haemoglobin, in red blood cells, has haem groups containing Iron, which bond to oxygen and transport it around the body. When there is a lack of iron in the organism (iron deficiency) it can cause serious problems as oxygen intake decreases.…


Monday Assembly

Monday morning assemblies have a sense of sparkle about them these days.  On a cold winter morning it could be a moment to set our pupils up for the week.  Inspiring models of behaviour are the watchwords here and the other week our pupil Nashm prepared a poem to read to the assembled school.  It…


Peruvian Students

We have been fortunate to welcome a group of Peruvians students to King’s College Saint Michaels this term. They were a great addition to the school joining in lessons whilst improving their English. An impressive programme of weekend visits took them far and wide including a trip to Oxford, watching a Manchester United match at…


Valentine’s Day disco

If you went up to the Common Room on Saturday you would have been confronted by a room festooned with balloons, rose petals, hearts, decorations and other accessories for the annual Valentine’s Day Disco. There was a lot of dancing, with good music played by ace DJs Martin and Nashm.  Mostly upbeat, thumping rhythms were…

Cardiff Market

Trip to Cardiff

What a day to go to Cardiff!  A little peaceful shopping perhaps?  A jaunt around the celebrated castle ruins and reflection upon medieval times?  Not on this day, anyway.  Yes, we could go shopping, yes we could go around the castle, but our attention was drawn principally by the feel of carnival around us.  Drummers…


Scholars’ Dinner in Madrid

We arrived late afternoon and noticed how different it was from the UK before even getting off the plane.  It had been a while since we’d last seen the sun still shining after 5 p.m. The ride over to the hotel had us gawking at the marvelous city.  Seeing Madrid made me realize that love…


Contemporary Dance Class

by Frista & Alina   This term we are practicing contemporary dance.  This is a style of expressive dance combining elements of several dance genres, including Modern Jazz, Lyrical, and Classical ballet.  Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. There are around 15 of us taking part and we…