Our boarding school in the UK, Saint Michael’s, provide an array of extra-curricular activities that pupils may choose to undertake during their time with us. These activities range from sport/fitness such as yoga and boot camp, to non-based sporting activities for those less energetic students, such as English speaking classes, giving all students the chance to spend their time productively.

There are many different sports teams representing the school in competitions, in many sports, some of these being football and basketball. The students wishing to participate in a sport are given the opportunity to play in the ISSA tournament (International School Sports Association). This is a 3 day event where the students get to travel and play in countries such as Portugal Germany and Turkey. The students have the chance to mix with other teams of all different nationalities from different parts of the world which has proven to be a great success year after year. Sporting fixtures are also arranged with schools locally to the area encouraging the integration with English students.

The following student societies and clubs take place at our boarding school:

  • Japanese Club
  • Chinese Club
  • Media Club
  • Choir

These clubs are becoming increasingly popular each term, with a high percentage of students not being one of the above nationalities wanting to join. This highlights the schools ability to create an atmosphere that students feel comfortable within mixing with different nationalities and wanting to learn different languages.
Each term there are musicals and drama productions integrated by our students, in addition to talent shows and regular fund raising activities.