We live in a world that depends on communication and collaboration. A British education, based on a culture that values learning, creativity and hard work, offers much more than fluency in the international language of science, culture and friendship.

The vast majority of our pupils come from international backgrounds where English is their second language, yet despite this, nearly all of them go on to win places at some of the top university destinations in the United Kingdom.

Why Learn English?


of the top universities in the world are in English speaking countries

1/4 of the world's population speaks English


increase in earning power for those who can speak English in developing countries.

Our boarding school, Saint Michaels, specialises in teaching the English language. All our pupils study up to ten periods of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) per week, with a maximum class size of 15 pupils. Classes are taught by specialist EFL teachers who ensure pupils make rapid progress even if they start with a lower level of English. Our dedicated support network within the school nurtures our pupils to gain the confidence they need to succeed in their language learning.

Pupils take their IELTS and/or GCSE exam “English as a Second Language” at age 16, and depending on how advanced their language skills are, we also offer the opportunity for tuition in other languages. Experience tells us that children who can use two or more languages show improved cognitive abilities that help them make progress in all the subjects that they study.