Many of our pupils are ambitious to become successful and dynamic businessmen and women. Our objective is to give pupils the right tools and practical skills which can be applied to their working lives. Pupils complete their studies equipped with the expertise and knowledge to one day enter the world of global business.

At Saint Michael’s, pupils can choose to study Business Studies at GCSE, covering a vast array of modules within the syllabus. This actively engages the pupils to develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of business issues, both in the local, national and global context.

For those pupils who wish to go on to study Business at university, we also offer the opportunity to study the subject at A Level, preparing our pupils for entrance into today’s modern and fast-evolving world. Our A Level course develops a critical understanding of organisations, the context in which they operate, the markets they serve and the process of adding value, by enabling pupils to take a problem-solving approach to Business Studies.

 We strive to give our students a deeper understanding of the environment in which businesses exist, to make them aware that business behaviour can be studied from the

perspectives of a range of stakeholders, and to evoke pupils’ entrepreneurial skills to provide the backbone for entering the world of international business.