One of the main aims of the school is to provide a safe, secure, positive and enjoyable environment for our students to live in. It is our utmost concern that everyone is well looked after and cared for at all times.

The school grounds and facilities allow our pupils to truly integrate into the British culture and way of life, while promoting responsibility and independence. King’s College Saint Michael’s provides a friendly and warm environment with family values at its heart. Our boarding community, comprising many different nationalities, is an enormous strength of the College, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie.

King’s College Saint Michael’s offers two types of accommodation; Home Stay and onsite residential accommodation.

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Residential Accommodation – on campus

school boarding

Living in the international atmosphere of the school residence gives pupils the opportunity to become fully immersed in school life, as well as being an ideal way to make friends and experience other cultures. Our modern accommodation provides a high quality, comfortable and safe environment for our pupils, with onsite residential staff to tend to the students’ needs 24 hours a day. There is a close liaison between the boarding and teaching staff to ensure continuity of information and care at all times.

Our Boarding Committee made up of students from each boarding house, holds regular meetings which provide the students with a discussion forum in which they can bring up any topics or concerns in a mature and organised way.

Our most recent house on the school grounds, Jubilee House,  has become our sixth form residence providing high quality residential accommodation in single and single en-suite rooms.

The rooms in all the other buildings are either single, twin or twin en-suite. At present all the rooms are charged at the same rate – it is normally a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Each residence also has its own kitchen for students to prepare their own food if they wish. We have two communal kitchens which have been built for our students to cook some of their own home comforts together.

Living in the international atmosphere of the residential accommodation gives students the opportunity to live with a student from another country – an ideal way to make new friends and learn about different cultures.

The students are closely supervised by friendly, approachable staff who are on hand 24 hours a day to offer close personal attention. Students have supervised study each weekday evening and on Saturday mornings for two hours.

In their free time students have access to the common room or our two fully-equipped kitchens. There is also a television
school gym area which has satellite television, a Nintendo Wii and a DVD player. Students are free to use this area during their free time. There is also a gym on the campus with a treadmill, rowing machine, step machine, free weights and yoga/pillates area.

The student common room is situated on the second floor of the main building. It is an area for students to relax and houses the following:

  • TV lounge with satellite TV / DVD etc.
  • Games area with table-tennis, table-football and pool table.
  • An internet cafe with free internet connection and a cafe bar selling hot and cold snacks, drinks etc
  • A dance floor used for disco nights, Karaoke etc

Our sports facilities can also be used during free time and every Wednesday afternoon when all students must participate in a sport or activity. There are two football pitches, an indoor and outdoor basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool and a volleyball court. There are also regular full-day excursion at the weekend and the school minibus is sometimes available for local trips.

All meals and a laundry service are provided at the College.

Home Stay accommodation

boarding school host familyOur Home Stay Officer takes great care in selecting host families. In each case we try to match all the students’ requirements with the family profile. As the only school in the area using host families we can be selective and use only those families who we consider to be suitable.

All our students receive a warm welcome and find themselves in a friendly environment where they can live and study naturally. They will be expected to become a part of the family – sometimes helping the family in the house, doing simple things like keeping their bedroom tidy, setting the table or clearing away the dishes after a meal.

Many students really do become ‘one of the family’ and stay in touch with their home stay families for many years after their stay. All meals, except lunch (provided at the school) are taken with the family. KCSM provides daily transport to and from the homes  – students will never be expected to take public transport to get to school.