Students have nineteen classes of English per week (each class lasts 50 minutes) during the summer school. These nineteen classes are made up of 10 ‘main’ classes, in which the emphasis is on more structured work and nine ‘supplementary’ classes, in which students use computers, prepare for excursions, play language learning games and work on class projects.

The emphasis in all the classes during the summer school is on speaking and listening. Students will be asked to do lots of work with a partner or in small groups, so that they can practise English as much as possible. In the subsidiary classes, students work together in their classes to participate in class projects where they create newspapers, write and perform in theatrical plays, give presentations and make music videos.

Each project is tailored to the level of the class with prizes and certificates being handed out for the best projects.

At the end of the course students are given a King’s College Saint Michael’s certificate of attendance and each student also receives an individual report from their teacher.