Well, Katie this is an important day.  It is the first afternoon of sports this term and in 20 minutes’ time the classes will end and pupils will file out to change to do their chosen sport.

“Well, I hope it’s going to go OK.  Ask me tomorrow.  If my hair’s still on my head it’s all gone well.”

To keep everyone happy individually must be a full-time task.

“You’ve said it, but I’m fairly confident it’s going to work.  Ask me tomorrow.”

What about excursions this term?

“They’ve got good excursions to interesting places like Chester, Manchester, London and Stratford and I’m sure they’ll make the most of them.  As for extra-curricular activities we found a lot of interest in Fencing, and we hope this will be sustained over the next few months.  Cookery Club is another – our Head Chef Nick Lawrence is teaching pupils how to cook.  Japanese Club, as usual, finds a lot of interested participants.  Debating Club allows pupils to get their teeth into discussing a range of difficult and topical subjects.  Boot Camp is done by Simon Price – he provides a range of fitness activities in the gym.  The Choir, of course, will get together on Friday for their first meeting.”

I can see you’ve got your hands full, Katie, so I wish you luck on this day of days.