About the Programme

Every year students from all over the world join King’s College Saint Michaels short-term boarding programme to experience studying the British education system in a UK based school.

This immersive programme recognises the high value international parents place on English language and culture, whilst its shorter length is designed to complement a student’s home country education schedule. For some, the programme supports a natural transition to full time study of the British curriculum, with many students joining our longer-term academic programmes.

Students are fully integrated into school life alongside our full-time academic students and receive a comprehensive teaching and extra-curricular programme. This authentic and unique experience aims to support both personal and academic development.

Course Content

Students study Mathematics and English plus a choice of GCSE or A-Level subjects, which are taught in English by specialist subject teachers. In addition, students are encouraged to attend a range of workshops to further support their learning, including: study skills, wellbeing and stress management.

Providing a rich cultural experience is also a focus of the programme and students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports, extra-curricular activities and excursions, including visits to some of the UK’s most famous cities.


Students live on campus as part of our boarding community. Living in the international atmosphere of the school residence is an ideal way for students to make new friends and experience other cultures.

What Our Students Say


I enjoyed everything about my experience in Saint Michaels!  What I liked the most was meeting people from different parts of the world getting to know their cultures. I also think that the staff was incredible nice and they were always looking after us. Another thing I enjoyed was having school classes in English which is something I have never done before. 

The teachers were always nice to us and made sure we understood everything they said.  I got to learn a lot of things I will never forget.  I also loved every trip we had in the weekends were I got to know different cities in the UK and experienced the culture.  I always felt welcomed and I can’t wait to be back sometime. Saint Michaels College you are Awesome!



The thing that I most enjoyed about the school was everything especially the people from different parts of the world!  I loved meeting them and I found it so interesting to get to know their different styles.  Also I loved the trips that we made every week end – they were amazing.  Also I loved that the staff were so kind they were always looking after you and they were soo funny.  I enjoyed the classes as they were so different to the ones here in Peru.



Going to Saint Michaels College was the best experience of my life. I love the system of the school and that everything is structured perfectly. I love the facilities and the atmosphere. What I liked the most is the people I met there, I made many friends of different nationalities who I will never forget, always have good memories with, hopefully meet again in the future and will always keep in touch with. I like that they do not put pressure on students and that the classes are dynamic and somehow fun.  Thanks for everything it was an incredible experience I would repeat if I could.


The Specifics

> Fee £870 per week all-inclusive
+13 years of age // minimum two weeks


  • Tuition & boarding
  • All meals
  • School uniform
  • Up to 10 periods of English Language support per week
  • Extensive sports & social programme
  • Weekend excursions
  • Use of text books
  • Loan of Chromebook
  • Pastoral care & daily medical clinic
  • Free place for a leader/teacher accompanying a group of 5 or more students
  • Laundry service