Life in Boarding Schools in England

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Life in Boarding Schools in England

When you are about to join a boarding school in England, there are many different questions that may come to mind: “Am I going to be able to enjoy some free time or is it going to be ‘study, study, study’ all the time?”, “Am I going to get along with the other boarders or will I feel alone and isolated?”, “Will I feel comfortable sharing a bedroom and bathroom with strangers in my new boarding school in England?”…

There is an endless list of concerns, but once you look at them with some perspective, you will surely feel more at ease. Some anxieties won’t go away until you are already there, living your experience. However, you should know that most of these worries stem from your unawareness of how your daily life is going to be: the schedule, the routine, the activities, etc.

So maybe you should focus on one fundamental question: how is your life in a boarding school in England going to be? Here is some insight into a typical boarding day. 

Early Morning:

Usually boarders get up around 07:00 and have around an hour to take a shower and put on their uniform before breakfast. Normally, you will be sharing the bathroom with other boarders and, although it may take some time, you will soon get used to taking turns so that nobody bothers each other.


The most important meal of the day is held in the dining room. Most boarding schools in England offer a breakfast buffet to their boarders so they can choose from a wide variety of options.

Lessons begin:

Classes start at 09:00 am and every lesson lasts for 50 minutes.


After a period of 2 lessons, at 10:40 you’ll have a short break. You may want to use this time to have a snack or catch up with your fellow students.


The next period of classes will include 2 more lessons.


Usually held around 12.30 pm at the dining hall, where you’ll join your friends to enjoy a hot dish and a nice conversation.


After an hour of lunch, you’ll return to class. You’ll probably have 3 or 4 more lessons to attend. Some boarding schools include extra English lessons for international students in the last period.


At 17:00 you will have finished your school lessons for the day. Most boarding schools in UK offer their full boarders a variety of hot meals to choose from.


All boarding schools in the UK offer many different kinds of extracurricular activities for their boarders such as football, swimming, golf or art, from orchestra practice to sports. They usually take place when classes are finished and you’ve had some time to relax and change clothes if you need to.


An important part of boarding school life is the supervised homework session known as ‘prep’. Although prep might sound stressful, it’s a great way to make sure you are on track with your studies and it means you can enjoy your free time without the pressures of finding the time to study.

Free Time: 

Once you are done with all your classes and activities, it’s time to relax. You’ll have some free time to do whatever you like: watching tv, hanging out with your friends, listening to some music, etc.


At around 20:00 you’ll have the chance to grab a quick snack and some hot chocolate or a cup of tea


In addition to the extracurricular activities, some boarding schools in England have different kinds of clubs any boarder can join, from theatre and chess to debate or science society. These clubs usually meet after dinner.


In most boarding schools, lights go out at around 22:30. Time to go to sleep!

Being nervous and kind of restless just before you join a boarding school is completely normal and understandable. Hopefully, being aware of the usual routine you’ll be following helps you. And once you are there, you will also see how exciting and amusing life in a boarding school in England can be.