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Abdelrahman, Egypt

Abdel joined King’s College Saint Michaels in 2014 and began studying for his A Levels.  He decided to continue his education at a boarding school in England.  When Abdel discovered he could take Further Maths as a fourth A Level subject at Saint Michaels he made an application and was soon accepted.  Abdel’s academic success prior to joining Saint Michaels and his progress during his time here is sure to guarantee him a place at one of the top universities in the world when he graduates in June.  When Abdel made the decision to join a boarding school in the UK, it was a difficult time for his parents and younger brother as they knew they would miss him, however, they knew of all the benefits that would come with receiving a British education at a boarding school in England.

Abdel’s greatest achievements to date whilst studying at Saint Michaels include winning numerous certificates for physics and maths challenges and Olympiads, obtaining an 8.5 in his IELTS exam and scoring full marks on his SATs.  He was also appointed deputy head boy this year and gained such a high level of trust from the principal that he was given a job working on the summer school as a residential assistant.  A job he carried out exceptionally well.

Every boarding school in England has a handful of exemplary students, who work incredibly hard to achieve their academic goals.  Abdel’s natural ability combined with his self-discipline and determination have made him an incredibly popular student amongst all of the teachers at Saint Michaels, whilst his calm nature, friendliness and respect for others has made him a popular student amongst his peers.

For students to gain the most benefits from studying at a boarding school in the UK they must not only work hard, but must also become an integral part of the boarding community, making the most of everything boarding school life has to offer: the lifelong friendships, the opportunities to travel around the country, the clubs & societies, the mixture of cultures and more.

“It is impossible to state everything that I admire about this place in only a few words.  In fact, the things you experience at Saint Michaels are difficult to put down into words.  Surprisingly, although I was anxious at first, this boarding school in the UK has turned into my home that I love as much as my real home back in Egypt.  I have achieved many things that I couldn’t have achieved had I not studied here.  There is always something fun or productive to do.  I have especially enjoyed going on excursions all over the UK with my friends, ending up with the most unforgettable memories of my life.

I’ve made friends from all over the world and learnt about countries I’d never even heard of before coming to boarding school in the UK.  I came to England because of its world-renowned education system but I have learnt so much more than I could ever have imagined.  Although Saint Michaels is small all of the students live in the boarding accommodation so it’s easy for students to become close friends.  I think it’s unlikely that many of the bigger boarding schools in England would have as warm and friendly an environment as everything Saint Michaels does, helps us integrate with one another as students and as friends.

I have learnt many life lessons by joining Saint Michaels that will prepare me for university life.  I have grown in confidence and become more mature and responsible.  In fact, I never realised that joining a boarding school in the UK would have so many benefits outside of the academic sphere”