Steps to apply to Saint Michaels

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Applying to study at King’s College Saint Michaels is easy and we are here to help you every step of the way.  As is the case for all boarding schools in the UK, the first step is to get in touch with us and complete an application form.  The application form can be found here and will ask you for all of the information that we need to begin processing your application.

Once we have received the application form and checked through all of your information we will ask you to complete a maths and English test.  This can be done at the office of the education agency or representative you are applying through or at home.  It is very important that you complete this test properly without cheating as you will be tested again when you arrive.  These tests last for one hour each and are placement tests, which are designed to determine at which level you could join the school.  At some boarding schools in England these tests may be called ‘entrance tests’, which means your answers determine whether you accepted by the school or not.  As an international boarding school in the UK we are non-selective and we aim to accept students of varying abilities, as we are confident that our small class sizes and dedicated teachers go a long way to helping students achieve their academic goals.

We will also ask for your previous school transcripts.  We ask for three years’ transcripts, though this can include your current year of study.  This enables us to gauge your determination, academic ability, record of behaviour and also lets us see which subjects you enjoy and which you find challenging.  If you are currently at another boarding school in England and wish to transfer then we may also contact the school to ask for a reference.  It is a good idea to send any certificates or letters of commendation with your transcripts as this gives us an even better understanding of your effort and ability as a student.

Once we have received all of your documents the principal will make a decision as to which level you should be accepted onto.  Naturally, we will always try to place you in the level which corresponds with your age, however, if your level of English is not sufficient we may ask you to begin at an earlier level.  As one of the few boarding schools in the UK to run our summer school and to accept students for a single academic term, a useful alternative to repeating the year is to join us slightly earlier to improve your English.  This will also give you time to get used to the school and to daily life in general at a boarding school in the UK to make sure joining the Saint Michael’s community is the right decision.

In some cases, we may ask students to join us for an interview.  As an international school we understand that this can be difficult and are happy to arrange an interview to be held over skype.  Interviews are normally only requested by the school if the student is transferring from another school in the UK or applying to the school directly without using the services of an education agency or one of our representatives.  Occasionally, students will request an interview as they may have many questions about life at boarding school in the UK or specific questions about the education system in the UK.  If you would like to speak to somebody about the school please ask our registrar or a member of our marketing team to organise this for you.

The final step is to pay a deposit of £1000.  This confirms your place on the course, allows us to issue your visa support letter and also lets you reserve your room.  Our rooms are delegated to students on a first-come, first-served basis so the earlier you pay your deposit the sooner you can choose your room.  We also require a refundable damage deposit of £750 and an optional refundable activities deposit of £750.  The activities deposit can be used to pay for the various optional activities that take place throughout the year such as visits to the cinema or paint balling.  Please note that we do not charge a registration fee or an application fee like many other boarding schools in the UK do

Finally, our fees are all inclusive except for the optional activities mentioned above.  We will never send you a bill for school uniform, graduation dinner tickets, exam administration fees, etc.  At Saint Michaels what you see is what you get and we believe in total transparency.

What are the steps to apply for Saint Michael’s?

  • Send us a completed application form
  • Complete our tests and send them to us with your school transcripts for the last 3 years
  • You may be asked to attend an interview. If not and you would like one then please ask
  • Pay the deposit, reserve your room and receive our visa support letter

For a list of everything that is included in the fees four our boarding school in England please see below:

  • Tuition (GCSE, A Level, Foundation)
  • Accommodation & Full board
  • School Uniform, winter coat and sports kit
  • Use of text books
  • Examination fees (first entry only)
  • Specialist university application guidance
  • Regular educational visits
  • Pastoral Care (personal tutor, counsellor)
  • Extensive sports & social programme
  • At least 3 full day Saturday excursions per term
  • Coach to local city twice a month
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Transfers to and from London Heathrow or Birmingham Airport (on our advertised arrival and departure days)
  • School photograph
  • Yearbook
  • Summer ball ticket
  • IELTS examination entry
  • Guardianship – no need to pay for additional guardianship in the UK