School excursions and trips

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Excursions are a big part of student life at boarding school in England particularly for those students coming from abroadWhat better way to learn about a country and improve your English than with a series of organised, cultural outings to the major cities across the UK.

As an international boarding school in England, Saint Michael’s organises frequent excursions designed to educate students about the history and culture of their host country.  With numbers of international students studying at boarding schools in England increasing year after year, it is becoming more and more important for schools to provide a basic knowledge of the United Kingdom to its students.  This has been an integral part of our syllabus for many years with students taking compulsory lessons in “British Life & Institutions” which are integrated into their English classes every week.  Often the BLI classes will contain useful information about a city which students are set to visit as part of the sports & social programme.

As traditional British boarding schools in England begin to enrol more and more international students, excursions are becoming an ever more important tool to attract them.  As one of the few boarding schools in the UK to have been created for the specific purpose of educating international students, Saint Michael’s has always provided several excursions during the year for students at no extra cost in the belief that each and every student should receive a rounded education which extends far beyond the classroom.

Excursions to major cities such as London, Oxford, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Stratford, and Liverpool are intertwined with trips to smaller cities and towns including Worcester, Chester, Warwick, Hereford and Ludlow.  As one of the many boarding schools in England conveniently located in the heart of England, students at Saint Michael’s benefit from a central location which makes day trips to many of the country’s most fascinating cities possible.  While other boarding schools in the UK may be closer to London, or a short walk from a big shopping centre, the possibility of visiting so many famous cities during the course of a single academic year makes Saint Michael’s an attractive option for many international students when searching for boarding schools in the UK.

Saint Michael’s also organises several international trips to cities within Europe during the year which always have an academic or sporting focus.  Each year students have the opportunity to visit Paris for a Business Studies trip and Barcelona for an Art & Spanish trip.  The basketball and football teams also travel to a major European city each year to compete in the ISSA tournament against other boarding schools in England and across Europe.

With so many excursions taking place throughout the year Saint Michael’s offers students an opportunity to travel and learn about their country in a way that not many boarding schools in England can match.

Where do our students go and what do they do?

  • London – A sightseeing tour led by our very own Mr Stracey – tour guide turned English teacher. Students visit Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and many more famous places.  Students often end the day in Oxford Street, England’s capital of shopping.
  • Manchester – stadium tour of Manchester United and a visit to the Trafford Centre shopping mall
  • Birmingham – tour of ‘Cadbury World’ chocolate factory followed by free time for shopping at the Bull Ring and its surrounding shops
  • Warwick Castle & Stratford – A trip back in time as students explore a 1000 year old castle and the terrifying dungeon below. They then jump back on the bus and head to Stratford to view the birthplace of William Shakespeare and his house.
  • Oxford – A visit to Christchurch College to take a walk around the dining room used in the Harry Potter series of films. They also have the opportunity to visit some of the many museums and historical buildings that form the famous Oxford University.
  • Chester – Students jump back in the time machine to visit a Roman soldier who takes them on a tour of the English capital under the Roman Empire. This tour is educational yet funny and audience participation is expected.
  • Liverpool – ‘All you need is love’, ‘Yellow submarine’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ are a few of the songs students might hear on a visit to the ‘Beatles Experience’. This museum is home to some of the most valuable memorabilia in musical history and students improve their English by listening to the guided tour through headphones.  The maritime museum, the Tate art gallery and the slavery museum are all close by so students can choose to learn more or visit the many famous shops found in the nearby ‘One’ mall.
  • Cardiff – We go over the border to Wales and spend the day in the capital city of Cardiff. One of Britain’s most iconic castles is conveniently located right in the city centre and students can divide their time nicely between taking in the culture and enjoying this vibrant multicultural city.  This is always a favourite amongst students.