Safety at school

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When choosing a boarding school in the UK, safety has to be one of the main determining factors for any parent.  The vast majority of boarding schools in England are located deep in the British countryside where students not only feel safe, but can concentrate on their studies without the distractions that come with living in a major city.

Unlike tutorial colleges which often have their campuses in major cities such as London, Cambridge or Birmingham, Boarding schools in England have historically been built in areas where students can make the most of the wide open spaces and enjoy the sports and activities that have become so inherent to student life at all boarding schools in the UK.

Saint Michael’s is located in the small town of Tenbury Wells.  With a population of around 3,500 the crime rate is very low and there is a real sense of community among its inhabitants, making it a safe location for a boarding school in the UK.  Located far from a city, Saint Michael’s doesn’t require fences or gates as many inner-city schools do.  There is a team of residential assistants who all live on site and one of their jobs is to patrol the school campus frequently to check that students are behaving well and to ensure anything unusual or suspicious is reported immediately.  Due to our rural location this is never a major concern but having adult supervision on campus at all times ensures any potential risks or eventualities are covered.  Parents can rest assured knowing that although their children are in a boarding school in England a long way from home, they are safe and appropriately supervised.

Saint Michael’s, like many other boarding schools in the UK also has a nurse or matron onsite each morning to attend to any students who are feeling unwell.  In the event of a more serious medical concern or injury students are taken to the local doctor or hospital for examination.  Having somebody on site each day means that illness can be identified early and the necessary steps can be taken to keep students healthy.

Additionally, all boarding schools in England are committed to following strict child protection procedures and at Saint Michaels all staff members are subject to a background check before they start work at the school.  This is to ensure potential staff members have no past criminal convictions that would make them unsuitable for working around children.  These rigorous checks ensure students at all colleges, state schools and boarding schools in the UK are safe.

Finally, Saint Michael’s acts as a guardian for all students which means the school is responsible for them whilst they are in the UK.  If students want to travel somewhere on the weekends the school requires: written permission from a parent and an address where the student will stay.  Students are also required to provide the details of their travel arrangements which is kept on record by the school.  Although many boarding schools in the UK take these precautions, very few act as guardians, which means students must find a family to look after them during half term and on EXEAT weekends.  By acting as a guardian to every student, Saint Michaels helps to reduce the overall costs for parents.

What makes Saint Michael’s such a safe place to study

  • rural countryside location with no heavy traffic
  • very low crime rate in surrounding towns and cities
  • adults on campus at all times
  • students require permission from a parent to stay off campus
  • the school provides guardianship for all students
  • rigorous background checks for all staff members