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Studying in a boarding school in England can offer many attractions for any student: a quality education, an internationally recognized qualification, a wide variety of extracurricular activities, a fun and exciting experience, etc. However, in recent years, another interesting aspect has arisen as a significant benefit of boarding: the international environment.

The Independent School Council has recently published interesting figures in this regard: one new pupil in every five now comes to study in UK from abroad. And what may be even more reveling is that, according to a survey conducted by The Telegraph, some of the country’s most famous boarding schools attract 15 per cent of their students from foreign countries.

According to the Independent Schools Council, around 21 per cent of all non-British pupils attending a boarding school in England come from China, 17.6 per cent come from Hong Kong, 10.3 per cent from Russia, 7.1 per cent from Germany, 4.7 per cent from Spain and 4.3 per cent from Nigeria.

These figures reinforce the idea that the international environment is one of the added values that the best boarding schools in England offer nowadays. In fact, this feature has become one of the main attractions these institutions can offer, since both parents and children realize all the advantages of living and studying in a multicultural and diverse environment. To name only some of these benefits, we could cite:

Diverse cultural knowledge

Any student enrolled in a boarding school in England will be meeting  peers from China, Russia, Spain, Germany or Nigeria, to name just a few nationalities. This means that he will have the opportunity to interact with other cultures in their daily lives, dealing directly with practices and traditions very different from their own.

Learning about different cultures is undoubtedly one of the most enriching experiences any student can have, since what they gain is a broad and comprehensive knowledge of today’s global society.

It is a knowledge that will help boarders to develop professionally much more easily in an increasingly globalized world, since they will be able to adapt to all kind of international contexts and settings.

Values: tolerance, respect and solidarity

In addition to their gains in terms of their future professional performance in an international environment, those children that study and live within the international community of a boarding school, usually acquire certain values that are highly beneficial for their personal growth.

Life in the boarding house, surrounded by international friends, will surely help the pupils understand the importance of behaving with tolerance and respect. In sharing the boarding facilities with peers from all around the world, they will have to learn that their own costumes and ways are very different from those of many others.

Open mindedness

Probably the most notable benefit a student can get from attending a boarding school with a global profile is definitely the open mindedness.

To learn about other cultures and be part of a diverse and international community implies  not only living an authentic cultural adventure, but also expanding your vision, being conscious that there is a big world to discover and that there are different traditions, beliefs and ideologies in every corner.

Once the student acquires this open mindedness, he is able to apply it in all aspects of his life, his profession and his emotional development. He will surely be more willing to learn new things, more flexible to changes and will understand more easily new concepts and ideas.