First Time at a Boarding School in England

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How easy is it to adjust to life at boarding school in England? Well, it really depends on the individual pupil and the school that you’ve chosen.

If you’re a first time boarder there are other options that you can explore before committing to a full year, full time academic course at a boarding school in England, which might be particularly useful if the pupil has a limited knowledge of English or may not have been away from home before for a prolonged period of time.

Many boarding schools in England offer summer camps or one-term study options that can be undertaken to give the pupil a real flavour of what life can, or will be like, should they choose to enroll for their full-time education.

These types of options can give the pupil a much better understanding of what is like at boarding school in England, and will allow them to experience everything from life in the residence through to extra-curricular options and even appreciate the learning style that is offered through the English National Curriculum, which in fact may be very different from what they are accustomed to back home.

Short courses and summer camps offer pupils an ideal opportunity to basically test-drive the school, the learning environment and of course meet new friends – all of which should be an enriching experience.

If you’ve decided to enroll in a full time education at a boarding school in England, then fear not!  Most schools offer and encourage new pupils to visit the school before they join or in fact arrive a couple of days before the start of term, to help them settle in and start to make friends and get to know the local environment.

What’s important to know is that every boarding school in England has its own induction procedures, so be sure to check with your boarding school in England before that crucial start date to know what yours consists of and who your important contacts are in the school before your begin.

Remember language shouldn’t be an issue, at any traditional boarding school in England its common practice to ensure that the language in the corridors as well as the classrooms in English, this ensures that new pupils and those from a multitude of backgrounds can all interact and get along with one another.

On the same token, if you have selected a boarding school in England that focuses on education for international students, it is more than likely that dedicated EFL or “English as a Foreign Language” support classes will be offered to help you integrate in your new environment.

One top tip to remember is that your new boarding school in England should offer you an exciting new opportunity.  After all, Boarding schools in England are well-renowned for offering pupils access to a world-class education and to drive career prospects by entering one of the best universities in the world.