Why choose a boarding school in England

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Tradition, experience and high quality. Those are the three main assets that may come to mind when you think about Boarding Schools in England.  But, although you are not at all misled, the truth is that the best boarding schools in England can offer so much more than what you may have presumed.  High standards and academic excellence are of course their highlighted features, but they are not the only things to consider.

Boarding schools in England can offer a lot of benefits to young students that are eager to make the most out of their life as boarders. Actually, the best Boarding Schools in the UK are those that are able to offer the “full package”: a great internationally recognized qualification, a comfortable environment and an exciting experience.

There are many qualities that make the best Boarding Schools in England especially suited to offer this to their borders. To name a few of them:

Boarding school facilities

There are few countries in the world where the competition between different Boarding Schools is as high as in England. This situation not only forces these institutions to meet high standards of quality, but also requires them to gain distinguishing features that make them stand out from their competitors. In many cases, the headteachers are committed to investing in new and innovative facilities to achieve this differentiation.

Therefore, the best Boarding Schools in England have magnificent facilities for diverse subjects such as science, sports, the arts or technology. Having these kind of resources and services not only enrich the education of students, but also add value to the everyday life of students beyond academic activities.

Innovation in the classroom

Another way in which traditional boarding schools stand out from the rest is providing a world class education that exceeds minimum quality standards and ensure the best results. For that purpose, they usually focus on innovative learning styles to provide students with a quality education and, at the same time cover aspects such as motivation, curiosity and enthusiasm for knowledge.

Although such innovations are also characteristic of most independent and state schools, in the case of boarding schools such practices can be particularly beneficial for pupils, as these schools offer a full-time education.

International community in your boarding school

Boarders in the UK come from all over the world. This means that, when joining a Boarding school in England, you become part of a community which is entirely multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic.

The benefits of living in this kind of environment are of course huge, not only regarding the students’ education and experience, but also in terms of their understanding of modern society: its’ diversity and its’ cultural wealth.

Healthy fun during the academic year

Young students tend to think that attending a boarding school will imply spending all day studying and taking exams, but that’s not true at all. Boarding schools in England invest a lot of effort in providing their students with fun activities.

These activities include trips, parties, sport games and excursions and a great range of possibilities and opportunities for students to have fun and disconnect from their studies from time to time.  These are always organised in a safe and healthy way.

The best boarding schools in UK have a lot to offer to students from around the world. Their qualities are various and diverse, and the best thing is that they often have features that one may not expect.