Meet our UK Boarding School team: Head Boy

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Vinicius comes from Brazil and is the Head Boy at King’s College Saint Michaels, an international boarding school in England.  Head Boy is a senior prefect role which is designated to a student following an election process which involves candidates making speeches and answering questions from their peers and teachers.

As an international boarding school in England, Saint Michael’s is committed to helping international students from all over the world gain entry to some of the best universities in the UK.  Brazilian students like Vinicius typically only study at a boarding school in England for a short period of time such as a term; they then return home to complete their education and attend university in Brazil.  Vinicius however, decided to remain in the UK to finish his studies.  This is a decision that has clearly paid off as last year, he was made Head Boy of Saint Michael’s.

“When I joined Saint Michael’s over two years ago I really liked it here and didn’t want to leave.  I made lots of friends from many different countries who all had a similar mind-set to me as they also had the confidence to travel abroad to study at a boarding school in England.  I decided to stay at Saint Michaels to complete my A Levels as I felt this would provide me with a great opportunity to advance to a top university. 

“At the end of last year I applied to be Head Boy of the school.  This is a position of great responsibility and I was very proud when I was elected.  The whole process involved writing a speech and speaking in front of a selection of my peers and staff members including the principal.  I also had to answer many questions about my future plans for the school and my attitude towards my studies.  My family were very proud of me, because not only had their son found the courage to study abroad at a boarding school in England, but he had also worked hard enough to be considered and accepted for such an important role. 

As Head Boy I have many responsibilities and the main challenge is balancing my duties with my school workload as at times, I really need to focus and study hard to prepare for exams.  After all, education was the main reason for me to come to a boarding school in England in the first place.  Having said that, the role of Head Boy is historically very important and has been closely connected for a long time to the core concept of private education in Britain.   For centuries prefect roles have been highly coveted positions across many a boarding school in the UK, so it really is an honour to hold such a position.

My 5 top tips for students hoping to become a prefect at a boarding school in England:

  • Work hard! Make sure your teachers see your commitment to your studies
  • Behave! You are an ambassador and have to show a good example to other students in the classroom and also in the boarding houses
  • Care for your fellow students – They must respect you and feel that you have their best interests at heart
  • Practice your public speaking. The key to writing a great speech is practice!  Ask your friends to listen to you and accept any constructive feedback
  • Enjoy yourself! Students wanting to be prefects at a boarding school in England need to remember that teachers value all contributions a student makes to their surroundings.  Academic success is important, but if you are enjoying yourself, making friends and getting involved in all the activities it is much easier for teachers to spot your determination and positive attitude.”