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As a small boarding school in the UK Saint Michaels has a substantial number of students who hold a position of responsibility.  Not only do these roles develop a student’s desire to succeed and grow, but the designation also expresses the trust and faith the school has in a student in a way that universities can understand when assessing a student’s application.

Alongside prefects (a well-established role found within all boarding schools in the UK), Saint Michael’s also has a number of class delegates who are responsible for representing the opinions and views of their fellow peers during a monthly meeting with the academic management.  Each course, from GCSE to University Foundation has a student representative who is carefully selected at the start of the year following a short election process.

Saint Michael’s is one of the few boarding schools in the UK to offer a fully integrated university foundation programme where students live in the boarding houses and even wear school uniform.  This programme runs for one academic year and students are treated in exactly the same way as the final year A Level students.  The programme offers an alternative for those students who do not want to join a large university campus.  In fact, more and more parents and students are enrolling on foundation courses at boarding schools in the UK as an alternative to university campus-based foundation programmes.

In this article we speak to Ezgi from Istanbul, Turkey to learn more about the benefits of studying on a foundation course at a boarding school in England.

Interviewer:  What was behind your decision to study at a boarding school in the UK?

“When I came to the UK I was 14 years old.  Before I came here I had a discussion with my dad to make sure it was the right thing to do.  After some research we decided that education in the UK is much better than in Turkey, and this is the main reason for me to choose to study at a boarding school in the UK.  I also needed to improve my English and thought that living in an English speaking country would be the best way to do it.  When I went to a local education agency in Istanbul, the counsellor recommended Saint Michael’s as a school that could help me achieve my goals.”

Interviewer:  Why did you decide to continue at Saint Michael’s rather than join a university foundation programme?

“I decided to continue with a foundation programme at Saint Michael’s rather than starting it at a university because this college is my second home.  I know everyone and everyone knows me, and I have lots of friends. I didn’t want the unnecessary stress of getting used to a new place”

Interviewer:  What do you think are the benefits of studying on a foundation course at a boarding school in England opposed to a university?

“One of the advantages of studying on a foundation course at a boarding school is that you have lots of friends in a small environment so you get to know each other really well.  It is much easier to make true friendships when you live together in residences.”

Interviewer: As an international student and the UFP class delegate, do you feel that occupying a role of responsibility within a boarding school in England gives you an advantage when applying to university?  If so, why?

“I think that even just studying at a boarding school in England gives international students a head start when they apply for university because it shows you have confidence and that you know the British system.  Being the class delegate for the foundation programme shows universities that the school has faith in me and that I am willing to accept responsibilities and work hard to get further in life.”

One of Ezgi’s main reasons for joining Saint Michael’s was the English language support available for students.  When Ezgi joined the school she spoke very little English.  She is now in the top set for IELTS and is one of the strongest English speakers.