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The success of each Boarding school highly depends on every single person that is a part of it. We are proud to present some of the most amazing people of our great Boarding school team that strive everyday to make our students achieve their academic and personal goals. Each article contains tips and useful suggestions for our present and future students.

head of english uk

Welcome to our UK Boarding school: the Acting Head Teacher

Find out what our Boarding school in the UK can offer you as an international student. We present our Principal: 18 years of international experience and a life-time devotion to students’ wellbeing and success

Welcome to our UK Boarding school: the Head of Boarding

It takes a passionate and dedicated person to be able to secure a warm and friendly environment for students. Meet our live-in Head of Boarding who takes care of our students around the clock

Welcome to our UK Boarding school: the Head of English

English Language is not an obstacle in our Boarding school. Our head of English ensures that all our students progress rapidly. Discover 4 main reasons why our Boarding school is the best choice for non-native students

boarding school class delegate boarding school football captain

Welcome to our UK Boarding school: Sports & Social Co-ordinator

The role of S & S Co-ordinator is vital in ensuring international students are happy and enjoy their experience in a new country. Learn what Jodie has got prepared for our students

Welcome to our UK Boarding school: UFP Class Delegate

Meet Ezgi from Istanbul, the Class Delegate, responsible for voicing the opinions and views of her fellow peers to the academic management


Welcome to our UK Boarding school: Football Captain

Meet Ivan, who besides from football techniques will show you many more skills like teamwork, communication and how to apply analytical and diplomatic skills in real life


boarding school head boy

Welcome to our UK Boarding school: Head Boy

Meet Vinicius and find out his top 5 top tips for students planning to become a prefect at a Boarding school in England



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Boarding schools in England

All you need to know about Boarding schools in England

Learn about our Boarding school

All you need to know about our Boarding school: the way of life, surroundings, nationalities, application process…

Stories from our boarding students

Exiting and encouraging stories from our Boarding students coming soon. Read our tips and suggestions