How to choose the best Boarding School in England

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Let’s face it: there is no quick and easy way to choose the most suitable boarding school in England for our children. There are hundreds of factors to take into account and many options to choose from. In the end, the decision will depend on a fundamental and difficult question: Where will my child be happier?

The best boarding schools in the UK are those that offer our children three basic guarantees: an outstanding education, a familiar & welcoming environment and a high standard of facilities. After discarding the boarding schools that do not meet these requirements, we must study other aspects that can enhance or possibly even devalue the experience of our children.

Core Values

Every boarding school in England has its own characteristic set of cores & values, those which form the essence of the education and the services they offer. These principles confer, in a sense, a “personality” to each of the institutions, which can help you choose one that fits more your child’s own character.

While some of the best boarding schools in England are famous for their conservative and traditional profile, others are characterised by a more modern and progressive view.

In order to make sure you send your child to a boarding school that meets with your own values and traditions, you should study the school’s website and their prospectuses, where you’ll surely discover the main ideals the institution can offer your child.

Extra-curricular activities

The extra-curricular activities that top boarding schools in England offer to their boarders vary greatly and often far exceed those provided by other educational institutions such as non-residential private schools or state boarding schools.

When choosing a boarding school for your child, it is important to take a good look at the list of activities published on their website. Once you have them, try to think which will better suit your child’s interests and aspirations. Always remember that these types of activities will not only help young students to improve their intellectual, social and physical skills, but they will also provide them with some extra points on their university applications.


Top ranking educational establishments are located all over the country: they can be placed in the center of a great metropolitan city or found deep in the countryside. The differences between one another’s location can be significant, which makes it really important for us to reflect on which one of these boarding schools will better suit our child.

The environment, whether metropolitan or rural, is only one of the many aspects we should take into account. You may also want to think about which type of facilities and non-academic activities your child is going to get access to. And, furthermore, you could also consider factors such as transport links or the proximity of the boarding school to an airport.

Educational credentials

One of the most important aspects you have to take into consideration when choosing the best boarding school for your child are the school’s academic credentials. The actual results students have achieved over the last years should give you a good indication of the quality of the education. This information can usually be found on the boarding school’s website but, if that is not the case, you can always take a look at the league tables.

But, beyond the record of grades, you could also make sure the boarding school’s educational services meet your expectations by studying other factors such as the quality of its faculty. The teachers’ experience will give you a good insight, as well as that of the principal.