We have held another successful PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) day here at King’s College Saint Michaels. The students took part in activities including a Basic First Aid Course, Sex and Relationships Session, Fitness and Nutrition, and Mindfulness and Mental Health Awareness. The first aid session introduced the students to the importance of CPR,…


Canoe Trip

Last week, our Academic Prep course went on an activity week where they explored the surrounding area and further afield to learn about British culture and heritage. On Monday we went canoeing down the beautiful river Wye from Hay-on-Wye, known as the town of books, to Whitney-on-Wye, a journey of some three miles! Although there…


Fun in the sun

Last week, our students made the most of the hot weather by enjoying some fun in the sun! After a very hot afternoon of sports, some students took the opportunity to cool off in the pool. And to celebrate the end of term, the students enjoyed a lovely sunny day at Barry Island, Wales. Some…


Another Snow Day!

In mid-March, our school received another visit from the ‘Beast from the East’! We woke up to icicles, and more snow covering the school grounds. We are now taking this in our stride and nothing stops us having fun.

Adventure Sports Programme

Over the past month, we have been conducting an Adventure Sports Programme for our students which has been pushing them to their limits! Pupils took part in several exciting activities, including navigating an underground maze, riding horses and paintballing. It is always rewarding seeing students try something new and out of there comfort zones. Well…


ISSA Basketball Tournament

Our basketball team showed great team spirit, commitment and sportmanship at the ISSA tournament in March. After losing our first two games, we won three in a row by scores of 40-21, 61-46 and 49-25. Well done to everyone who took part, you did the school proud!

Christmas Carol

For us Readers it was a bit nerve-wracking, but the event was cheery, and I think cosy for those watching us and singing.  We tried to be all-inclusive in our presentations of Christmases around the world. The Readers showed superb diction, clear and easy to understand and they maintained a steady confidence throughout.  Well done! …


Science Department Events

The latest experiment that was organized by our students was the investigating iron tablets. Haemoglobin, in red blood cells, has haem groups containing Iron, which bond to oxygen and transport it around the body. When there is a lack of iron in the organism (iron deficiency) it can cause serious problems as oxygen intake decreases.…