Welcome to the exclusive King’s College Saint Michael’s.  This is a password protected part of the website which has a selection of useful documents and media for you to easily access and make use of.  We encourage our agents to use any photographs or media that they require to aid their marketing efforts, providing they do so responsibly.

Saint Michael’s is a member of English UK (Central) and is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English.  We are also members of BAISIS, The Society of Heads and COBIS.

Our marketing department are always prepared to travel to any country in order to support our partners and we are committed to helping you help us.  We are frequent visitors to workshops organised by English UK, ALPHE, Study World & BBSW.  We also host many FAM trips throughout the year as a member of English UK central, which agents can join by accessing their website.  Finally, we encourage all agents to visit us whenever they have the chance.

King’s College Saint Michaels pay 15% commission on the total fees for a student’s first academic year.  The school continues to pay commission for consecutive years at a rate of 10% of the total fees.  For summer school students, commission starts at 20% for individuals and small groups on the total fee.

If you require any additional documents, photographs, videos or presentations, please contact Sian: sian.thomas@kingsgroup.org