King’s College Saint Michael’s offers a number of scholarships each academic year. Scholarships range from 5% upwards of the school fees.
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic ability and/or other variables such as sporting or musical ability. Scholarships may also be awarded to students whose nationality is not already represented in the school. Scholarships are normally awarded for the duration of the course the student is applying for. Thus:

  • GCSE and A Level scholarships are normally for two years (possibly 3 years if awarded for Year 9 entry)
  • Foundation course scholarships are for one year.

A student awarded a scholarship must live in the school residence, not with a host family. They are normally expected to share a twin room.
A student awarded a scholarship is expected to:

  • Study to their full capacity at all times.
  • Follow all the school rules, without exception.
  • Act as a role model for other students.
  • Keep the details of their award confidential.

If a student does not comply with these conditions, the school reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship. One written warning (a copy will be given to the student and the student’s parents) will be given before a scholarship is withdrawn.


To apply for a scholarship a student must:
1. Complete an application form (contact school reception – details on reverse of this book)
2. Send school transcripts for the past three years of schooling.
3. Send two references, in English, at least one of which must be an academic reference (from the Head of the student’s current school).
4. Write a covering letter, in English, stating why you think we should award you a scholarship. Maximum one side of A4.

The closing date for scholarships is usually in April, as in September the school year commences and decisions must be made on acceptance prior to this time.
Applications should be sent to: Mrs Nicola Walker, Head Teacher at