When can I visit?
We welcome visitors to the school all year round. Please contact Head of Admissions, Georgina Hanford, to arrange a suitable time: smc.admissions@kingsgroup.org

What do the fees include?
Our aim is to be as clear as possible with our students and their parents, which is why our fees are all inclusive.  Fees include tuition, accommodation and full board, use of text books and loan of Chromebook, full school uniform, selected weekend excursions, transfers from/to either London Heathrow or Birmingham International airport on published dates, first entry examination fees, specialist university application guidance and an extensive sports and social curriculum.

Do the fees include pocket money?

Our fees do not include pocket money.  With parental consent the College can assist students with opening a UK bank account to which a pocket money allowance can be transferred.  Alternatively, an agreed sum can be either transferred directly to the College, or the student may bring a quantity of British Sterling with them on arrival, which the College will keep safe for the student on their behalf.  Pocket money is issued to students every Friday – we recommend a maximum allowance of £30 per week.

What are the differences between residential accommodation and a homestay?
When choosing residential accommodation students have the option of living in single, single en-suite, twin or twin en-suite rooms. The houses and rooms are mixed to allow different nationalities to live together creating a very international environment. Our home stay students will be given a single room. Some families do host more than one of our students but they must be of different nationalities and same gender.

Are there any classes at the weekend?
There are no taught classes at the weekend but Prep (homework) is done regularly on Saturday mornings.

How can I stay in touch with the school?
Parents will receive regular reports from the school on their child but are also welcome to contact us at any time regarding their studies or any other concern. Please email one of the following:

  • Headteacher, Nicola Walker: nicola.walker@kingsgroup.org
  • Admissions, Georgina Hanford: smc.admissions@kingsgroup.org
  • Nursing Team: smc.nurse@kings.education
  • Sports & Social, Jodie Coombs: jodie.coombs@kings.education
  • Head of Boarding, Jennifer Robinson: smc.boarding@kingsgroup.org
  • Airport Transfers, Lorraine Houchin: lorraine.houchin@kingsgroup.org

How can I stay in touch with my son/daughter?

Students are able to have mobile phones at the school but must not use them during lesson time. Parents are also welcome to contact the main school number from 9am-5pm during the week (+44 1584 811300) or the boarding office at any time (+44 1584 811997).

Will my child like the food?
Our chefs work extremely hard to cater for all nationalities and tastes. Student delegates attend regular food committee meetings with the catering chef to pass on comments from their friends and classmates. We frequently have ‘international days’ where students can assist the catering staff to produce a meal form their own countries for all the students. Students missing food from home are able to cook in one of the kitchens that we have available for student use (evenings and weekends).

Can you help with visa extensions?
Students need to contact Georgina Hanford (Head of Admissions) who will help with visa extensions. She will advise on what documents will be expected from the school and from the parents. However, we strongly advise that students whose visas expire in the month of October should renew their visas at home before returning to the UK in September as we cannot guarantee that the UKVI will issue the new visa in time for students to return home for the Christmas break in December.

Can students visit friends or relatives at the weekend?
Students are permitted to leave the school at the weekends but only with written permission from their parents (or agent) and in line with the terms of our Exeat policy and Guardian Agreement.  Please contact the Boarding Office for further details.

Do the students need a guardian?

Students at King’s College Saint Michaels do not require guardianship arrangements, unless students wish to travel independently during school time. We do not have half-term holidays and there are no enforced EXEAT weekends.

Can the students use mobile phones/laptops/iPads?
Students are able to use their mobile phones out of class time. Laptops and tablets (ipads etc) can be used in class with teachers’ permission at certain times.

Can students stay in the residence in the holidays?
The residences are closed during the holidays.  Host family accommodation can be arranged during these periods at an additional cost.  Please contact the Boarding Office to discuss your requirements.

Do you provide assistance with police registrations?
We assist all students who are required to register with the police, including their online application, appointment scheduling and travel arrangements to the selected police station.  Students are accompanied to their appointment by a member of the boarding team.

Do you accept students for short study periods?
Yes.  The College offers an immersive Short-Term Boarding Programme for individuals and groups of students wishing to experience studying the British curriculum.  We also offer an Academic Preparation course (usually in Term 3 of the academic year) which provides students with the opportunity to develop their English language and study skills before enrolling on a chosen academic programme.  Please contact Georgina Hanford, Head of Admissions, for further details.

Do you offer private tuition?
Tuition in various subjects can be arranged for an additional fee. Please contact the Headteacher to discuss your requirements.

Is WiFi free?
The residences, classrooms and the common room have a fibre optic wireless connection for all students. Computers with internet access are also available in the library, computer room and Common room. All internet access is free of charge.

Can students smoke on campus?
No.  The College operates a strict no smoking policy.  Any student found smoking will be subject to the College’s Discipline, Reward & Sanctions policy.