1. When can I visit?
We welcome visitors all year round. Please contact the school to arrange a suitable time.



2. What do the fees include?
We have made our fee system easy for parents by creating an all-inclusive fee. This includes tuition, accommodation, all food, school uniform, transfers etc . (Please see the fees page for more detailed information). Students will only need to bring some pocket money for day to day items they may wish to buy and for any additional trips activities and excursions that they may like to.



3. What are the differences between residential accommodation and a homestay?
When choosing residential accommodation students have the option of living in single, single en-suite, twin or twin en-suite rooms. The houses and rooms are mixed to allow different nationalities to live together creating a very international environment. Our home stay students will be given a single room. Some families do host more than one of our students but they must be of different nationalities. Students with homestays leave school at the end of the teaching day. Homework has to be done independently not in ‘Prep’ as with the residential students.



4. Are there any classes at the weekend?
There are no taught classes at the weekend but Prep is done regularly on Saturday mornings.



5. How can I stay in touch with the school?
Parents will receive regular reports from the school on their child but are also welcome to contact us at any time regarding their studies or any other concern. Please email one of the following:

  • Head teacher , nicola.walker@kingsgroup.org
  • Director of Education, nick.fountaine@kingsgroup.org
  • Admissions, smc.admissions@kingsgroup.org
  • Sports & Social, jodie.coombs@kings.education
  • Head of Boarding, smc.boarding@kingsgroup.org
  • Accounts, sue.smith@kingsgroup.org
  • Transfers, smc.admissions@kingsgroup.org

6. How can I stay in touch with my son/daughter?
Students are able to have mobile phones at the school but must not use them during lesson time. Parents are also welcome to contact the main school number from 9am-5pm during the week (+44 1584 811300) or the boarding office at any time (+44 1584 811997).



7. Will my child like the food?
We have some very positive feedback about the food at KCSM. Our chefs work extremely hard to cater for all nationalities and tastes. Student delegates attend regular food committee meetings with the catering chef to pass on comments from their friends and classmates. We frequently have ‘international days’ where students can assist the catering staff to produce a meal form their own countries for all the students. Students missing food from home are able to cook in one of the kitchens that we have available for student use (evenings and weekends).



8. Can you help with visa extensions?
Students need to contact Georgina Hanford (Head of Admissions) who will help with visa extensions. She will advise on what documents will be expected from the school and from the parents. However, we strongly advise that students whose visas expire in the month of October should renew their visas at home before returning to the UK in September as we cannot guarantee that the UKVI will issue the new visa in time for students to return home for the Christmas break in December.



9. Can students visit friends or relatives at the weekend?
Students are permitted to leave the school at the weekends but only with written permission from their parents (or agent).



10. Do the students need a guardian?
As we have no half term breaks (we have some long weekends but the residence stays open) and we pick up all students from the airport, it is not necessary to appoint a guardian. Some students do chose to have a guardian though.



11. Can the students use mobile phones/laptops/iPads?
Students are able to use their mobile phones out of class time. Laptops and tablets (ipads etc) can be used in class with teachers’ permission at certain times.



12. Can students stay in the residence in the holidays?
Unfortunately we close the residence during the holidays in order to give our staff a rest. Host family accommodation can be arranged during these periods. Please contact us for weekly rates (approx. £250 per week).



13. Do you provide assistance with police registrations?
We will assist all the students that need to register with the police throughout the procedure. They will be assisted with their online application and then arrangements will be made for them to visit the local police station to finalise their application.



14. Do you accept students for short study periods (one term etc)?
It is possible as long as we still have availability. The best time to come for a one term course is the Autumn Term (Sept – Dec). It is also possible during the spring term. We also run an academic preparation in the summer term which is also of interest for students wishing to come to the UK in the summer time for a short period. We do also run a Short Term Boarding School Experience programme which allows studnets to come and jojn us for courses from 4 weeks upwards.



15. Do you offer private tuition?
Tuition in various subjects can be arranged (English, Maths, Economics etc) at an additional fee. Please contact us for current hourly rates.



16. Can you help students set up bank accounts?
Most of our students have a pocket money account with us and collect their pocket money every Friday. If parents wish their son / daughter to open a bank account then we can assist them with this with written permission from the parents / guardians.



17. Is internet free?
The residences, classrooms and the common room have a fibre optic wireless connection for all students. Computers with internet access are also available in the library, computer room and Common room. All internet access is free of charge.



18. Can students smoke on campus?