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Academic Year 2017/2018

Autumn Term 2017                                   £8,925                          £9,615
09 September to 16 December

Spring Term 2018                                     £8,925                          £9,615
06 January to 24 March

Summer Term 2018                                  £8,925                          £9,615
14 April to 27 June

Total                                                          £26,775                        £28,845



Our aim is to be as clear as possible with our students and their parents, which is why our fees are all inclusive.  Students at King’s College Saint Michaels do not require guardianship as this service is provided by the school at no extra cost.  We do not close for half term and there are no enforced EXEAT weekends.

Our Fees include:

  • Tuition programme
  • Accommodation and full board
  • School uniform, winter jacket and sports kit
  • Use of textbooks
  • Examination fees (first entry only)
  • Specialist guidance for university applications
  • Regular education visits
  • Pastoral care (personal tutor, school counsellor, medical clinic, PSHE classes
  • Extensive and varied cultural and sports programme
  • At least 2-3 full day Saturday excursions each term to places of interest
  • Coach to local city twice a month at weekends
  • Daily transport to and from for school, for host family students
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Transfers to and from London Heathrow airport and Birmingham International
  • School photograph
  • End of Year Dinner and unlimited photobooth photos
  • Yearbook


Fees do not include:

  • Pocket money (approx £30 per week).
  • Optional excursions (please enquire with the sports & social staff at
  • Privately arranged classes (music, extra language, holiday tuition etc.)
  • Insurance


Instruction for Fee Payment:

  1. Fees may be paid by cheque in pounds sterling and made payable to Saint Michael’s College (Tenbury) Limited.
  2. Fees may be paid by bank transfer. Please add £20.00 to cover British bank charges.
  3. Fees can be paid by Credit Card, an additional 3% surcharge will be applied per transaction to cover the card handling fee.


To log on to the system you need to click here

Once you have accessed the payment service via the link above simply follow the next few steps to complete:

  • Enter your student information. Boxes marked with a * are required. Enter the invoice number in student ID.  Click ‘Next’.
  • Enter the amount(s) of tuition and / or accommodation fees in the relevant fields in £ sterling. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Choose your home country, this will automatically convert your fee amount to your home currency (if your home currency is unavailable it will default to the next best option e.g. USD). Click ‘Continue’.
  • You will be quoted an amount to pay instantly. This amount will be guaranteed for 72 hours.
  • Next, you will be emailed simple instructions in PDF format detailing which bank your fees need to be transferred to in your home country. You can either make this payment using online banking, telephone banking or in person at your bank in the same way that you would make a standard bank transfer. The PDF instructions provided can also be emailed directly to a family member if they are making the payment on your behalf.
  • Accept the conditions of use.