Students from all educational backgrounds are accepted at King’s College Saint Michaels.  The admissions process identifies appropriate learning pathways to meet and support individual requirements, helping all students achieve their potential.


Georgina Hanford
Head of Admissions

Term Dates 2018-19



Admissions are open the whole year round. 

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Fees include: 

  • Selected academic programme tuition
  • English Language support – weekly additional classes
  • Purpose built residential accommondation on campus
  • Full board (four meals per day provided)
  • School uniform
  • Daily sports and social programme
  • Minimum of 2-3 weekend excursions each term
  • Use of textbooks and educational material
  • Loan of Chromebooks
  • Laundry service
  • Guidance for university applications
  • Examination fees (first entry only)
  • Morning medical clinic on campus
  • Specialist Tier 4 visa application support
  • Transfers from selected airports on published dates
  • Personal tutor and pastoral support

1) An application for a place at King’s College Saint Michaels (hereafter, the College) may be made by completing and returning this form along with payment by bank transfer of a £70 application fee.
2) A place will not be reserved, however, until all the entry requirements are fulfilled and a deposit payment received.
3) Normally, a personal interview with the student via Skype or, if possible, in person is required as part of the admissions process.
4) The following documents must also be received in support of the student’s application:
a) Completed Maths and English placement tests which must be sat in examination conditions and one hour permitted for each test.
b) Completed Parental Consent form, which must be signed by both biological parents. In the event of separation/divorce or deceased parent(s), Parental Consent must be provided by a legal guardian and evidence provided of guardianship.
c) Copies of the student’s last three years’ school transcripts.
d) A scanned image of the student’s passport and birth certificate.
5) The College reserves the right to refuse admission after interview and evaluation of the student’s application. Please note that there is no automatic right of entry to the College for younger siblings.
6) To confirm the reservation of a place, parents must pay a non-returnable deposit of £1,000, which is deductible from the first term/annual fees.
7) A Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for visa purposes will not be provided until the deposit has been received. The cost of the student’s visa, including the NHS surcharge and other administration fees, is at the expense of the parents.
8) In the case of a cancellation of a new enrolment, the College will reimburse any fees paid less the non-returnable deposit.
9) Fees and charges owed will be promptly notified and must be paid at least five weeks before the start of term.
10) No refund of fees can be paid for absence due to illness or any other causes.
11) A full academic term’s notice is required if a student is to withdraw from their studies post enrolment. In lieu of this notice, one term’s fees are payable.
12) Parents/guardians of students who withdraw from their studies post enrolment are required to complete a ‘Withdrawal Form’. If applicable, on the student’s departure, the College will notify UKVI that it has withdrawn its sponsorship on their behalf in line with Tier 4 policy guidance (
13) Parents/guardians agree to inform the College immediately of any change of home address or contact details, including email, home telephone and mobile telephone numbers.
14) Parents agree to support the internal regulations of the College concerning general discipline, uniform and homework set for students.
15) The agreed school uniform must be worn in College and official functions organised by the College.
16) All items of clothing must be marked with the student’s full name.
17) The College reserves the right to exclude temporarily or permanently students whose behaviour merits this in the view of the Headteacher. The cost of returning the student home will be the responsibility of the parents.
18) All College premises inside and outside are non-smoking and students may not smoke whilst on site. Students may not consume alcohol on College premises nor at official school functions unless specifically given permission to do so. Bringing into the College or possession of any type of drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited and renders a student liable to permanent exclusion and the corresponding judicial consequences.
19) All students must provide their own writing material (pens, pencils, rulers etc.). These items are not included in the cost of College materials. The College provides text and exercise books and other materials.
20) Students are issued with a Chromebook to assist them with their studies. Chromebooks remain the property of the College and any damage must be paid for by the parents. Use of Chromebooks is subject to the Pupils Appropriate Use of Technology Policy (see )
21) Students are issued with a locker for the safe storage of Chromebooks and other valuables. Loss/replacement of a student’s locker key will be at the parents’ expense.
22) Parents are liable for any deliberate damage caused by their child to College property or to that belonging to teachers, employees or other students.
23) A refundable ‘Damage Deposit’ of £1,000 is required to be paid with the first term/annual fees, the balance of which will be refunded to the parents on completion of their child’s study at the College.
24) Students will not be allowed to leave College on their own during term time, unless the College has written permission from the parents for them to do so and if all other requirements of the exeat procedure are fulfilled.
25) Parents or guardians give their full consent for the student to attend activities and excursions organised by the College that take place off-campus and to pay any additional costs associated with such activities/excursions.
26) Students may request to stay overnight with a nominated guardian, who may be a relative or family friend, with permission from the parents for them to do so and if all other requirements of the exeat procedure and guardianship terms are fulfilled.
27) A refundable ‘Optional Activities’ Deposit of £750 is required to be paid with the first term/annual fees to cover the cost of exeats and other activity expenses, the balance of which will be refunded to the parent on completion of their child’s study at the College.
28) The College has insurance which covers accidents which occur to students whilst on any College activity. The insurance policy does not cover loss of personal property and any claim must be made as soon as practicable.
29) All students are registered with the local Doctor’s Surgery on arrival to the College. If a student has an accident or becomes unwell initial treatment, including appropriate medication, will be given by either a qualified school matron or a first-aid trained member of staff. If required, your child will receive NHS medical attention. Any student who feels unwell should first visit the matron to be assessed.
30) Form of Indemnity:
The College will make arrangements for and authorise members of staff of the College to take students on activities and excursions including educational and cultural trips outside the premises of the College. Parents or guardians of students agree to indemnify the College and such members of staff against:
a) any claims, damages or cost which they or any one of them may be or become liable to pay in consequence of any injury or damage to or illness of the student occurring during or as a result of any of the said activities or excursions.
b) any claims by a third party which may be made against them or any of them in consequence of any act or default of the student during or as a result of said activities or excursions.
c) any other costs and expenses reasonably incurred by them or any of them on behalf of the student during or as a result of any of the said activities or excursions.
Provided that the indemnity herein shall not extend to any claims, damages, costs or expenses in respect of and to the extent to which the College and member(s) of staff shall be entitled to be indemnified under any policy of insurance.
31) Students are not allowed to keep their own supply of or self-administer prescribed/non-prescribed medicines. If a student requires regular medication, it should be given to the Head of Boarding on arrival to the college for safe-keeping. All medication should be taken with supervision by a school matron or designated member of boarding staff. However, if a student has a medical condition requiring emergency medication (for example an EpiPen), the student is permitted to keep such medication. In such instances, the medication should be presented on arrival to the Head of Boarding and the student’s records noted.
32) Any personal data collected and stored by the College is managed in compliance with the Data Protection Act (see and the Kings Group Data Protection Policy (see The College has adopted all necessary technical and organisational means in order to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data that is concerned, as well as to avoid the loss, alteration and/or access of unauthorised third parties.
33) In compliance with the Organic Law of 1/1982, the parents or guardian of students enrolled at the College give their full consent for the College to use free of charge, worldwide and for the maximum term allowed by law the image of the students taken in photographs and video recordings while taking part in College activities, extra-curricular activities or optional classes for internal use. Additionally, as long as the parents or guardian have not previously specifically expressed their opposition to this, the photographs and video recordings may be used in promotional materials such as the College website. The College will inform parents of any promotional use in which they intend to use the student’s image. The consent granted hereby may be withdrawn by the student or by their parent or guardian by writing to the College at any time.