The university foundation programme is a one year academic programme for students who require an extra year of study before they progress to university to begin their undergraduate studies.

There are two instances where this generally happens:

  • when students have completed secondary education in their own country but are required to complete another year of study in the UK to reach the appropriate age and gain the fundamental knowledge required for university entrance.
  • when students have the necessary academic qualifications but require further help with their academic English and study skills in preparation for undergraduate studies.

The university foundation programme at Saint Michael’s is unique as students are fully integrated into the high school programme.  They wear school uniform, benefit from structured and supervised study and have all meals prepared for them daily.  In addition to this, their laundry is done once a week.

All of our students receive full university application support and are given various opportunities to meet with university representatives and attend university lectures.  We also host our very own university open day where we invite a selection of 30 institutions comprising partner universities and Russell group universities.

We feel that the university foundation programme at Saint Michael’s offers students a safe and secure environment where they can gradually prepare for independent studies in the UK.

We offer two pathway programmes:

Sciences                          Humanities
Biology                               Business Studies
Chemistry                           Economics
Physics                               Social Science

Students also study:

English (English for Specific Academic Purposes & IELTS)
Cultural Studies
Critical Thinking