School GCSE levels

GCSEs (General certificate of secondary education) are an integral part of the traditional British curriculum.  It is typically a two year course for students between the ages of age 14-16 and forms the fundamental knowledge required to progress to A Levels.

Students on the two year GCSE programme (Year 10 – 11) study a total of seven subjects, two of which are compulsory and five of which can be chosen. English and Maths are compulsory; and five further subjects are chosen from ICT (Computing), Economics, Geography, Media Studies, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Physics and Spanish. All subjects are studied for 4 periods (50 mins each) per week, with the exception of English, which is 10 periods per week.

All lessons are taught by subject specialists, and each student has a tutor with whom they register daily and discuss academic and social matters with each week.

We also offer an intensive pre A Level programme for students who are 15 years or older.  This is equivalent to a one year GCSE programme and and allows students to remain at the school for three academic years to complete the following two year A Level programme.

This course comprises fewer (five) compulsory subjects which are taught in greater depth than the 2 years GCSE programme. Subjects include English, Maths, Geography, Business Studies and Economics. This course is designed to form a solid foundation for students to progress on to our A level programme with.

All students also receive Study Skills & PHSE classes along with sports every Wednesday.  Students also study British life & institutions as part of their English course which aims to educate students about the history and culture of the United Kingdom.