boarding school pastoral careTeaching and non-teaching staff will offer the best guidance to pupils as they grow and develop in the school.

Staff training ensures that students are given the best possible advice, and our programme is supplemented by our annual Universities Fair where pupils can benefit from the expertise and advice from the universities themselves. Our teachers receive top educational consultantant advice and training on latest teaching trends in order to keep up to date with the ever-developing curricular needs.

Upon arrival at he school a student is allocated a member of the teaching staff as his/her personal tutor. It is the role of the tutor to ensure that the student has settled at the school, is happy, feels looked after and is given any help required on academic and non-academic matters. Tutors also write reports to parents four times a year – midway through term one and at the end of each subsequent term on the student’s progress.


The school also has matrons whom students may see if they are feeling unwell. In the event of a more serious medical or dental problem they will arrange for the student to see a doctor or be taken to a local hospital.

From Home to a House
From the day a child starts at Saint Michael’s, they are assigned to one of the Houses that play an integral part of College life at Saint Michael’s where the older House members support the younger or new pupils. Events and projects that involve friendly competition between the Houses build bonds across the school years.

Who to contact
All pupils are assigned a personal tutor who is responsible for the academic and social welfare of a particular class. When students have to make academic choices at GCSE, A Level and for university entrance, they each get individual support and advice directly from our Head teacher and our dedicated teachers responsible for university entrance. The teachers and staff at the school are always on hand to discuss and advise pupils on any problems or questions that they may have.