We expect all our students to contribute to a positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere at school and require them to demonstrate respect for adults and other students. In turn, we will show them respect as young learners and help them with any difficulties that they may encounter. It is of utmost importance that every student entrusted in our care feels safe and welcome.

Making a mentor
Prefects are sixth form students elected by the staff to represent the student body. One of the prefect’s main roles is to help younger or newer students to settle in to school life and help with any day to day problems or questions. This role is ideal for those students who want to take on extra responsibility, extend their leadership skills and provide themselves with opportunities which will support their university applications. Head Boy and Head Girl positions are also elected in this way.

boarding school prefects

Our prefects

boarding school class delegates

Our class delegates

school boarding commitee

Our boarding commitee








Besides our prefects, we have a boarding committee, whose responsibility is to address students’ issues in the boarding houses and a group of class delegates who represent the views of students within their year group.  All of these students help us to monitor progress and satisfaction of students whilst they are in our care,  and we often act on issues raised during monthly meetings with these students.