- AGES 16-18 -

- 2 YEARS -

- 3-5 SUBJECTS -

After completion of the GCSE course students take their AS (advanced subsidiary) examinations in Year 12, and A2 (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) examinations in Year 13. The A level programme is a two year course with AS (advanced supplementary) exams at the end of the first year and A2 exams at the end of the second year.

This course is also available to students who have completed the necessary examinations in their own country, subject to an English test.  For students who want to take maths at A Level, they must also complete a maths test.

Students normally study 3 to 5 subjects from the following options:

– Maths

– Further Maths

– Art

– Chemistry

– Business Studies

– Physics

– Biology

– Geography

– Economics

– Psychology

In addition to their A Level subjects, students also study 10 periods (50 mins each) of English per week (IELTS) and they can also take an A or AS level in their own language (if available).

Success in the A Level examinations gives access to university education worldwide.