King’s College Saint Michaels offers pupils aged 13-18 study preparation specifically for GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A Levels. Our objective is not simply to ensure that pupils are successful in their academic studies, but to allow them to benefit from all that a British education has to offer and to create truly open-minded, creative and dynamic individuals.

Long-Term Programmes

Year 9 | Age 13

The curriculum for this year group is broad and varied covering a wide range of academic subjects whilst developing the necessary English language skills. All subjects are compulsory and designed to be the ideal grounding for our GCSE course. Subjects include Maths, Sciences, History, Languages, P.E, IT, Geography etc. Internal school exams are taken at the end of the year.

Years 10-11 | Ages 14-16

Students study a total of seven subjects at GCSE Level spread over a two year period. English and Maths are compulsory and five further subjects are chosen to complement these. All subjects are studied for four periods per week, with the exception of English which is ten periods per week. Some subjects include coursework throughout the school year while others are assessed by formal examinations.

Year 11+ | Age 15+

This is an intensive one year programme for students who are over 15 years old, and looking for direct entry into Year 11 of the UK education system. The course will include five GCSE subjects which are taught in greater depth than the two year programme. Subjects include English, Maths, Geography, Business Studies and Economics. This course is also designed to be a good foundation for our A level programme.

Years 12-13 | Ages 16-18

A Levels form the basis of assessment for university entrance. AS Levels are undertaken in Year 12 and in Year 13 pupils begin A Levels. Students normally study three or four subjects at AS and A Level, and these subjects are chosen by the pupil. In addition, students also study up to ten periods of English per week. A Level studies focus on depth of knowledge rather than width.

Age 17+

A one-year academic programme aimed at students who either a) have already completed secondary education in their own country but require an extra year study, in order to reach the appropriate level for undergraduate study in the UK. Or b) those who have the necessary academic qualifications but need to further develop their English language skills in preparation for university.

Age 18+

Nearly all Saint Michaels' pupils go on to university, mostly in the United Kingdom. Academic success helps guarantee a good career but we also want children who have been to King’s College Saint Michaels to become good parents, partners and friends.

Short-Term Programmes

Age 13+

This immersive programme recognises the high value parents place on English language and culture, whilst its shorter length complements the student’s home country education schedule. Students are fully integrated into school life alongside our academic year students and receive a comprehensive teaching and extra-curricular programme. For some, the programme supports a natural transition to full time study of the British curriculum, with many students going on to join our longer-term academic programmes.

Age 10+

During the summer holidays KCSM uses its expertise and facilities to form its incredibly popular summer school. This involves intensive English language courses, along with a comprehensive daily sports and social programme. Students come from all over the world to improve their English, meet students from other countries and explore different parts of the UK.