Welcome to King's College Saint Michaels

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“It was an excellent experience for my daughter to meet people from different countries and learn new ways of thinking”


For over three decades we have welcomed international students from all over the world to study academic programmes through the British curriculum, included iGCSE, A-Level, University Foundation and academic preparation courses and we are very proud to have supported hundreds of students in achieving their goal of degree-level study.  Many of our Alumni move on to study at world-class British universities such as Cardiff, Manchester, Imperial College and King’s College London, as well as prestigious international institutions such as Harvard University, USA.

One of the benefits of studying at King’s College Saint Michaels, is the diverse  number of nationalities and cultures represented by our community; our students grow and develop together in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Globalisation and today’s fast-moving economy means that a British education within an international Boarding School in the UK is becoming an increasingly attractive and worthwhile experience for students during their formative years as a young-adult.

Our staff are committed to ensuring students feel cared for and supported both academically and socially. When students join a boarding school in the UK, parents need to have confidence in the school’s commitment and level of care shown to their children. At King’s College Saint Michaels, ensuring the happiness and academic success of each and every boarding school student is of the utmost importance and staff work hard to develop a relationship of trust and understanding. With many of our students leaving their home on their own for the first time to join our international community we take our role as guardians to all of our boarding school students very seriously.

The welcome video above is one of several videos that have been created to provide students with more information about life at our boarding school in the UK. We encourage you to come and visit our boarding school and experience the warm and friendly atmosphere for yourself.